Warhammer: Vermintide Gets A Sequel Early Next Year

If you liked the prospect of a Warhammer themed take on Left 4 Dead, Vermintide fit the bill nicely. And early next year, it's getting a sequel.

Announced by developers Fatshark this morning, the four-player co-op game concentrated on a Warhammer universe going through the End Times. Your main opponents in the original was the rat-like Skaven, but in the sequel you'll be repelling Chaos and Skaven from Helmgart, a ravaged Bretonnian city.

Vermintide 2 will have 5 heroes with three different careers at launch for each. During a livestream below the developers added that the game was a "direct sequel", taking place immediately after the events of the first game. The sequel will also have some form of mod support, although how they will be distributed hasn't been confirmed (but it will probably be via the Steam Workshop).

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is due out first quarter next year on PC. No word on a console release yet.


    Man never played the original can anyone let me know whether it is worth it?

      It's real good, but see below comment about connection issues. If these are ongoing, you might want to join some looking-for-group community. You might need to do that anyway, though, as it's quite old now.

        Cheers mate, is it playable as a single player game?

          Its is but you have bots as your co op partners...can be frustrating on occasion but good overall

      There's still a decent population of people in the Australia/Oceanic area. If there isn't a map you want being run just start one yourself and people usually start joining within minutes.

    For the longest time the original had serious connection issues. If anyone left or joined a game it would crash. This was after like 4 updates. It may even still be happening.

    The only way around this was private groups. It was a real shame, as the game is actually really, really good. Hopefully this one has no issues.

    I'm hoping they do away with the loot system,
    Or just make it not as horrible as it was in the first.
    My play time was probably about 60% with the WitchHunter.
    20% dwarf and 20% guardsman
    0% with the Warlock, Didn't even try it, Had no interest.

    All i got were super powered Wand drops.
    And i gave up because i never had weapons to handle the higher level difficulites and didn't feel like running through the lower level missions until i managed to grind enough mats to get a higher level weapon so i could then play higher level games to gring out the perfect high level weapon that suited my play style.
    Even when they released the Charms that increased your chance for weapon drop to the character you use the most i still got horrible drops.

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