Watch Some South Park: Fractured But Whole, Win A PAX Australia Pass

A South Park game has made it to Australia without being banned. So we're going to be playing it in all of its uncensored beauty. And if you'd like to come and watch, you could win a three day weekend pass to PAX Australia.

We've got 15 three-day weekend passes for PAX Australia to giveaway. And since there's a new South Park out, we figured: why not put the two together?

So that's what we're going to do. Tegan and I will be playing South Park: Fractured But Whole on Kotaku Australia's Twitch page tonight, and as part of that we'll be giving away 15 PAX passes.

Like we did for Shadow of War, we'll have some different giveaways during the stream so everyone can get a chance. And we'll have the video and chat embedded here so everyone can play along.

We'll kick things off from 1830 AEDT (1530 AWST, 1730 AQST, 1800 ACST) and run until 2030 AEDT (1730 AWST, 1930 AQST, 2030 ACST). That should give everyone enough time to get home, relax, and get ready for some superhero-sized farts. Or strip clubs, as we've already seen.

Until then, let us know what you'd like to see! We can give South Park a whirl on the hardest difficulty setting, chat about what we're going to see at PAX, or what we've been playing lately. We're chill.


    I’ve already got a PAX pass but I might pop my head in anyway. Any Kotaku/Allure people popping their head up for panels this year? #TooLazyToLookAtTheSchedule

      I believe Tegan is, not sure about anyone else.

        We'll have a little post next week just confirming what everyone's on so people can come say hi and what not.

    @bj1 @morkai

    We are indeed!

    4:30pm Saturday - AGPN Presents PARTYMODE (me)
    8pm Saturday - Let's Play Some Bad Dating Sims (Amanda, Hayley and myself)

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