Rewatch Sony's Paris Games Week Conference Here

The year isn't over yet. While most of the big reveals have come and gone this year, Sony's got seven new games to show off for the PS4 and PSVR at Paris Games Week. Let's find out what they are.

You can watch the conference from 0200 AEDT (2300 AWST tonight, 0100 AQST, 0130 ACST, 0400 NZST) Tuesday morning, which should give everyone enough time to speculate on what's coming.

According to Sony, the conference will run for a couple of hours:

But plan to tune in early ... we’ll begin with an introductory livestream featuring 21 game updates, including seven all-new game announcements for PS4 and PS VR.

Then at 9:00am, our Media Showcase will give you an exclusive new look at the next wave of huge PlayStation titles.

When the stream kicks off, you can watch it below. I'll add a YouTube embed for people who want it when that becomes available, too.

So, what does everyone think we're going to see? I'd suspect some kind of update on what From Software are working on. And I'd be surprised if we didn't hear something about The Last of Us 2, given it was a no-show at E3. But what would you like to see?

Update: Added NZST for our Kiwi friends!

Update 2: The conference is now up on YouTube:


    Likely, confirmation release date for God of War. Hopefully, a release date for Last of Us 2. Absolute long shot, Spyro's return!

    PS Vita 2 - 'Vita Means Life' Edition = US$249 / AU$329 along with software line-up of Gravity Rush 2, Persona 5, Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XV Complete Edition, Last of Us 2 plus mountains of other JRPGs.

    Phantasy Star Online 2, released for every European language except English launching that evening

    People, Last of Us 2 is probably coming out in 2019 at least. I doubt very much there will be a release date or anything substantial (however much I want to be wrong...).

      They're gonna pull a Beyonce and release it tomorrow!

      Agreed, at best we'll get a "coming 2019" but I don't mind. I just want lots of juicy god of war news.

    Hey Kotaku if you're gonna be good blokes and convert the times, can you remember to do NZT as well? There's a few of us around!

    Update on SoTC remake.

      Good god no..... I had convinced myself that was a horrible nightmare. Now all I can do is wonder if the horse will suddenly be able to speak to make it a marketplace for lootboxes filled with outfits or ornaments for the colossi......

    A whole lot of VR nonsense. I have a dentist appointing tomorrow, why did I stay up?

    Wow that was thoroughly disappointing..... I already knew about Horizon and SotC. The brief moment of Ace Combat was the only thing that piqued my interest that entire show...

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