Watch Us Play Ni No Kuni 2

Watch Us Play Ni No Kuni 2

Yesterday in New York City, I had a chance to sit down with an early build of the beautiful upcoming role-playing game Ni no Kuni 2. It is much, much different than its predecessor.

Here are two video clips from the second Ni no Kuni, which comes out January 19 for PS4 and PC. In the first clip, I tried the game’s Musou-ish “real-time strategy” mode, in which you run around a battlefield with an army, attacking your enemies with a rock-paper-scissors-ish combat system.

Then I checked out some more standard gameplay, which involved going into a dungeon and rescuing a lady from a nasty wyvern. In this footage you can see the new combat system, which feels more like a Tales or Star Ocean game than a turn-based RPG:

I am very much looking forward to playing more, and very glad that publisher Bandai Namco moved this one out of the spring rush.


  • TBH I find dynamic battles (rather than turn based) a little frustrating. It always seems to feel like I have no control other than mashing a button to attack.
    Perhaps I’m just old 🙁

  • I playfully teased my girlfriend when she purchased the first Ni No Kuni.
    I spent most of her playthrough watching quietly or sitting there in shock, demanding she tell me I wasn’t watching a child lose his marbles in a horrific psychotic episode.
    Yahtzee said it best: “It’s studio Ghibli, not the Fisher King!”

    She’s very keen for 2 and I’m looking forward to settling in to watch.

  • Loved Ni no Kuni 1, was excited about part 2, but what happened to the beautiful hand painted ghibli style textures from part 1? These look more greyish and like a regular modern jrpg.

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