What Are You Most Looking Forward To At PAX Australia?

What Are You Most Looking Forward To At PAX Australia?
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PAX Australia is coming up next week, and a fair few people are expected to go.

Question is, what are you most looking forward to?

Every year I go to PAX, I walk away wishing I’d played more board games. And this year, I aim for that to be the plan. Hand of Fate and Terminator 2 are both going to be playable (as far as I know) on the show floor, and I’d like to spend some time with them.

In general, the tabletop area is the more chilled place to be. So I’d like to hang out more there.

Beyond that, I’ll just be catching up with old faces and seeing the odd game or two.

What are you looking forward to most at PAX this year?


  • I’m most looking forward to fantasizing about even having the time to attend the event. Or any such event. Or a movie. Or a toilet.


    There’s shit in my pants again.

  • Looking forward to avoiding the stupidly long queues for panels by not attending. Otherwise, I’ll be missing the playing of board games, seeing all the cosplay, visiting exhibitor booths etc.

  • Have spent most of the year with a team of 8 working on a game at uni that will be shown off at PAX (among 6 other games that are great too) so I’m easily looking forward to that more than anything.

    Also looking forward to Jesse Cox finally coming to Australia and I guess my usual PAX things – watching Omegathon and playing random games

      • The game I’m working on is called Bargain Bash, it’s a 4-player competitive shopping brawler that will be one of the games at the Swinburne booth.

        I have no idea yet what day/time I’m personally scheduled to be there (can’t have 8 people from each team fit in the booth after all) but I’m so excited with the whole thing I’ll probably be jumping in to talk with people and get them to play the game whenever I can.

  • Day 1.
    Indies and buy a gaming seat, weird games panel if possible.
    Day 2.
    Any indies I missed. Pitch your game panel, pax meet, Tegan’s weird dating sim panel, pax meet pt. 2.
    Day 3
    BOARD games

    This is the plan but we’ll see if it sticks

    • Little hint – Wait until the arvo of Sunday to get your chair. They usually sell off all the chairs onsite (most used during the event) for a sizeable discount as they don’t want to disassemble and repack them.

      • I wanted a battle bull one from PLE. My Mum is a short person with Osteoporosis. I tried the other chairs, but I sunk right in and couldn’t get out. It would be terrible for her. I promise I have my reasons!

      • Hint received! *tips hat

        I’m still using a chair I got from OfficeWorks at least 15 years ago. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

  • Love wandering the indie games area.

    I try to get to a few panels. I like to hear different perspectives and learn about the tech, and about other people’s experiences from gaming and shaped by gaming.

    Also, catching up with people from interstate who I only really see once a year.

  • Panels and omegathon are great, I think I didn’t step on the floor to play a game until around some time day two.

    Pro tip: game lines calm down quite a bit in the afternoon vs the mornings.

  • I’m feeling extremely “meh” about the panels this year, but that feeling has been growing over the past couple of years. Hopefully there are some interesting games to try out, and I’m curious to see if Microsoft has a One X running so I can see how it looks.

    • Yeah, feeling the same way. On my first visit a couple of years ago I was blown away by all the fascinating talks, panel discussions, entertainment shows, etc., and spent the majority of my time in theaters. This year, there seems to be very little on the schedule that’s catching my attention.

  • For me, simply being at PAX is the best part.
    Being surrounded by people with similar interests and a love for games, it creates an atmosphere of acceptance and belonging.

    Additionally considering I’ve taken up streaming this year as a hobby I’m interested in meeting the likes of Ryan Dingle (ChinglishTV) and Jesse Cox to talk about their experiences as a twitch/youtube content creator.

  • Was planning to go, but recent sickness and fatigue, so gonna skip it and go to a local Pokemon TCG Pre-release. Gonna try and catch as many panels/events as I can on twitch (hoping they’re up there). I hope everyone has as much fun as possible, PAX feels so much more chill than the other cons I’ve been to and it’s refreshing. Hopefully I’ll make it next year.

  • I *really* hope they have the jackbox games on the big screen again this year, it was so much fun and a great spot to relax and chill out with some laughs. I’ll definitely be spending a lot of time at the Nintendo area with Mr 6 playing All The Things, and there’s a few indie games that we’re keen to see (like Paperbark).

    Other than that, cosplaying, board games and hanging out with friends.

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