What Console Or Hardware Would You Like To Be Re-Released?

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So we've had a mini NES and a mini SNES. And there's countless emulators people can download to their laptops or phones. But there's something about having the hardware, or at least a recreation of the spirit of the original hardware, in your home.

For this week's Big Question, it's time to look forward. Say you could get a mini console of another kind, or a mini re-release of maybe an Amiga or a Commodore 64.

What would you want first?

Personally, I would adore a mini Nintendo 64. That's probably on the cards anyway, but it was the first home console that I really fell in love with. I grew up with PCs, but some family friends had the N64 growing up.

Something that would be sick - and recently announced, actually - is the miniature Commodore 64. I'm not certain my 30-year-old wrists are as up to the task of Decathlon as they used to be.

It'll be fun to see what new BASIC games people program into that thing next year.

So say you're given the option. You can re-release an old platform, console or handheld. It doesn't have to be a smaller version, although that's probably ideal considering how miniaturised electronics have become over the last two decades.

What would you like to be re-released?


    N64 totally. With the Rare games of course.

    What a silly question. Everyone's going to obviously want the N-Gage to return.

    Seriously though, as novel as the mini consoles are I'd rather just have the games available on modern consoles and PC.

    Agree with the N64 sentiments, though Ninty would absolutely have to update the controllers somewhat, or at least the analogue sticks so that they don't get as crusty as someones 7 day unwashed junk.

      update the controllers how, the layout and shape of the controllers were amazing if you ask me, sure a more robust thumb stick might be desirable, but i hammered my 64 for years on one controller and it never got loosey goosey.

        Pretty much just the analogue stick really. The rest can stay as is, though I think returning to a single analogue stick controller would be more jarring than many might suspect.

          remember strafing with the c buttons in goldeneye? ahh, those were they days. ha ha.
          yeah i suppose it would be jarring to some. its not often i feel like im using more than one thumbstick, but than again, i dont play a lot of shooters with controller.

          All good, perfect dark had a dual controller mode for twin-stick aficionados.

            Goldeneye did too. Thought it weird as a kid, but can see the sense now. I should have tried it.

              It's actually pretty great! You have the control of dual analogue combined with the comfort of a split controller.

              Button access was a bit restricted by the design, but the game didn't have time for frivolous things like jumping.

      Really they just need to replace the analogue stick with a GameCube style one with a thicker base.

      Everything else could remain the same.

    Dreamcast Mini.

      I'd be genuinely interested to see what the uptake would be like, would it suffer the same obscurity of its predecessor or whether this time it'd have the reception it deserved

      As long as they don't get that Chinese manufacturer AtGames to do it like they did with the Mega Drive.

        All those Mega Drive re-relases are so terrible. Makes me sad.

          Yeah they really are awful.

          I don't know why Sega licensed AtGames to make those when they should have just done it themselves. A Sega-made Mega Drive Mini that was done with the same level of quality as the Mini Nintendos? Sign me up, would have purchased one without even thinking about it.

    Atari Lynx!

      I recently upgraded the LCD screens in my Lynxes to modern day equivalents and the quality is astoundingly better.

    a mini 64 with an active mini cart slot so we can have more than 20 games. Nintendo could release a compatible cart every 12months with 20-30 preloaded games on it.

    None - stop with this craze of re-releasing old games, old consoles, old ideas. Here's a crazy idea - innovate and come up with some new IP.

      but think of all the lost money they would miss out on from tapping in to peoples nostalgia and consumerism driven brains.

      Why not have both?

        I'd be happy with both - but it seems we are flooded with remakes of all varieties - movies, TV, games, consoles. The new IP seems to be exception not the norm.

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          Heres the thing. Entertainment costs so much to create these days that any new IP is a risk. A big risk that can destroy a gaming company overnight.

          Meanwhile, the games that got them to the point we're they're possibly taking those risks have been good sellers. One leads to the other. So if you're investing potentially hundreds of millions into a game, do you a) create a game with no back history, or b) take the safe option and redo what you know has worked in the past?

          Option b is why we have annualised games like Assassins Creed, CoD, Battlefield, and EA Sports games. And it works.

          Its nice to wish for companies to do something new, but for every Overwatch, there are dozens of Battleborns, and that can kill a business overnight.

      I don't think that's a fair point in this case.

      Firstly, I highly doubt current development teams would have been working on the NES and SNES minis. This is hardware and emulation territory. Dev teams area still free to make other games and 'innovate'. Whether they do or not is another conversation.

      Secondly, it gives people born after the days of yore an opportunity to experience these truly classic games. The SNES mini roster is incredible. As someone born during the SNES era and only having a Megadrive, I missed out on much of these games. The opportunity to play these games on the TV with a SNES controller without screwing around with emulation is incredibly desirable, especially for what is a very low asking price.

      Lastly, Nintendo I feel is the last company to criticise on the front of innovation in this industry. Sure, they rest in the laurels of Mario, Zelda, etcetera but they more than any other hardware manufacturer have done so much to innovate in the years they have been in business. Bringing arcades into the home; the Gameboy; setting the benchmark for full 3D gaming with the 64; Rumble Pak; the 3DS touch screen; motion control on the Wii (love it or hate it, it was unlike anything we had ever seen; and now the Switch which delivers incredibly well on the proposition of a console-handheld hybrid.
      On an innovation front I truly believe they are the best in the business.

        While you have valid points, I wasn't criticising Nintendo - I was criticising the general question of what other hardware re-releases I would like - manufacturer agnostic - my reply was simply, none.
        Entertainment industry across the board seems to eager to rehash old ideas and rest on the laurels of past achievements. Personally, (this is my opinion), I want to be wowed again. I'm not sentimental enough to want to re-experience old ideas.

          Yeah, but on the other foot, history is important. If we don't know where we were, we can't appreciate how far we've come.

          I'm old and riddled with nostalgia, but there are SNES games which are worth playing for the first time even in a thoroughly modern context.

          How else will we understand the cultural references and in-jokes which litter our beloved retro indie platformers and roguelikes?

          Think of the children!

        Bah, replied to the wrong comment. Anyway, agreed on the last point.

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    I would love an Atari 800, I really miss that machine.

    While the N64 will always hold a special place in my heart, I dont think its a good idea to re release it. It came at the start of the 3D era, so most of its games havent aged well.

    What I would like to see is a re-release of the Point Blank games, with guns that are compatible with modern TVs.

      A G-Con case for PS Move controllers along with Point Blank/Time Crisis would be the bees knees

        There are few things I want more than point blank to be rereleased with a new g-con.
        That game is absolutely perfect. And some of the best times I've had playing games.
        It will never happen.

    I'd rather see new content and new consoles then rehashing old stuff. Sometimes it feels like the games industry is becoming more and more like the movie industry - too many remakes and sequels, not enough new stuff.

    I wouldn't mind a Mini SNES version 2 with a bunch of games on it that didn't make the cut for the first release.

    Mini N64 would be nice, but considering how many games in that console's library were developed by Rare, and Rare's current relationship with Microsoft that's seen them put out HD remasters of a lot of their N64 games on Xbox consoles, it would be pretty tricky. The only Rare N64 game that would likely be included is the only Rare N64 game that's made it to the Virtual Console so far and that's Donkey Kong 64. Without Rare's catalogue of games on it, the games on a theoretical Mini N64 would be very limited...you'd get Mario 64, the 2 Zelda games, Mario Kart, F-Zero X, Starfox 64, the original Smash Bros. and the original Paper Mario...maybe Yoshi's Story, maybe Kirby 64, maybe Mario Party and not much else...perhaps the odd game from a third party might sneak in like Rogue Squadron or Wave Race 64. Maybe something like Pokemon Snap or Pokemon Stadium could be included too. Rareware made a hell of a lot of N64 games - a lot more than many people realise I think.

    I'd like an Atari Lynx - I had one as a kid and still to this day regretting ever giving it away - I wish I still had it. Original Game Boy too, why not?

      I have a couple of Lynxes here, still play them. If you want one, drop me a line.

      To be honest I think you've listed enough non-Rare games there to warrant the N64 mini. I'll grant you though that Rare was a massive part of the N64's identify so it would certainly feel like it was missing something without any Rare classics.

      I was talking about this with my housemate the other day, Microsoft and Nintendo seem to be on good terms of late (what with the recent Minecraft release on Switch and cross-platform play, etc.), I wouldn't put it too far beyond the realm of possibility for both companies to agree on a licensing deal to have some of Rare's back catalog on an N64 mini, within reason.

      On that note, the old Rareware logo intro for Donkey Kong Country was kept on the SNES mini version (correct me if I'm wrong, but did the virtual console releases of DKC remove the

      If Rare games were kept off an N64 mini, the only two potential games Nintendo still own the rights to would be Donkey Kong 64 and Diddy Kong Racing, but DKR would have to be changed (like its DS re-release) to remove references to Banjo and Conker.

        The Rareware logo is still there in all 3 DKC games on the VC (as well as DK64). There's no reason to change those games at all, the IP is all owned by Nintendo.

        I don't really think Nintendo and Microsoft's relationship is THAT rosy, to be honest. If it was, we probably would have seen Killer Instinct on the Mini SNES, I see no other reason not to include it. I also need to wonder why they opted not to include DKC2 and DKC3 even though Nintendo own the IP and DKC2 especially is widely regarded as the best game in the original trilogy. Without Rare's contributions a theoretical N64 Mini would scrape by with barely 10-12 games.

        This is why I would have liked a Mini SNES 2, or maybe some "expansion" option by Nintendo to add more games to it, cause aside from the obvious exclusions like Chrono Trigger, DKC2/3 and KI, there are plenty of other games that would have been worthy to make the cut, such as The Lost Vikings/TLV2, an official English localisation of Seiken Densetsu 3, Battletoads in Battlemaniacs, Mortal Kombat II, Terranigma, Tetris Attack, Pilotwings, TMNT 4: Turtles in Time, Unirally, Super Bomberman 3 or 5 (pick one of them), Blackthorne, etc etc. If Nintendo sold a USB stick you could plug into the system that updated it to include at least some of those games I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

          True that, there's always the potential of a SNES mini 2, though again it comes down to licensing with a lot of those games.

    I would love a PS1 classic but I feel like it would be a licensing nightmare to get the games I want on it. The Megadrive classic was missing so many great games and I feel like the ps1 could go the same way.

    maybe just bypass the actual console and release game packs on steam or GOG

    like as many as possible say 100 games for 15 bucks a pack

    I'm sure there will be a N64 coming, but I feel like a simple emulation box will not go over well. If Nintendo could do some tinkering and up the frame-rates, as well as slip Microsoft some cash to get Rare games on it, it could be good.

    Gameboy mini: The size of a Gameboy pocket with a backlit screen and the colour output of a Super Gameboy.

    Caught in two minds like most here - just making the games backwards compatible and available for a few bucks on Switch etc would be awesome buuuuut, there's something to be said for playing the games on a mini SNES (and a NES too I assume) using a proper controller? Makes me start thinking they should do a retro box and just have swappable pads etc, but then you're back at the backwards compatible point? I'd love to be able to officially add games to my mini-snes though (without jumping through the back door hoops) - biker mice from mars and turtles in time need to be on there for my rose-tinted childhood to be complete. I miss pilotwings too for that matter! :D

    PS3. My original fat edition still works, but every day the fear grows that one day it just won't turn on. The slim line one's look awful. I want the fat!

      Ha, I have that same fear! I've kept it as it's the only thing I own that will play my UK dvd's without faffing about and it's had a few hiccups that have given me the worries! Thing is an absolute beast but I still love it, tiny 60gb hdd I never bothered upgrading and all!

    A PC-mini that comes preloaded with all those Microprose sims.

    Another vote for N64, it's the console I have the most found memories of with both family & friends over the past 20+ years I've been gaming.

    Personally, I would adore a mini Nintendo 64.

    Old first-gen 3D games look and feel crap now - we've been spoiled by the rapid advancement in rendering technologies and they don't have the same sense of nostalgia that old 2D platformers/scrollers have.

      Go back and play Quake now, and as brilliantly designed a game as it is, it definitely suffers for that reason. Good for the nostalgia trip, not so good for repeat plays, which is where these things have to live up to expectations. For the N64, you only need to look at Goldeneye to get a feel for how dated the games can feel.

      I'd still want a mini N64 just for Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time though, which are the obvious choices, and also games highly likely to make The List, There are others that will have stood up well over time, but those two in particular are still masterpieces.

    A potential N64 mini probably wouldn't rate as well with audiences given how bad some games have dated, but there's still a ton of content that would hold up rather well both nostalgia wise and compared to modern counterparts, and a ton I missed out on when I was young:

    Super Mario 64
    Mario Kart 64
    Mario Party
    Donkey Kong 64
    Wave Race 64
    Zelda: Ocarina of TIme
    Zelda: Majora's Mask
    Super Smash Bros.
    F-Zero X
    Starfox 64 (aka Lylat Wars)
    Paper Mario
    Yoshi's Story
    Kirby 64
    Pokémon Snap and Pokémon Stadium
    and depending on licensing, you could also see Episode 1 Racer, Rayman 2, Resident Evil 2, StarCraft 64, Doom 64 ... all owned by publishers that Nintendo have a solid relationship with of late, so not impossible. And that's not mentioning Rare's back catalog, of course, which would probably be left by the wayside ... though Microsoft and Nintendo seem to be on good standing of late too, so who knows.

      DK64 would be in. DKR if they removed/changed a few characters. Not sure how hard that would be to do these days.

    A mini snes would be cool, I heard they made a handful but I'd love to see it in stores

      If your in australia JB HI Fi has Hundreds available in every store. Like a wall of them. Just like how we have tons of Switches everywhere

      I'm an being 100% truthful. I see sales in a week or so to get rid of extra stock

    Mini Virtual Boy. Complete with unreleased titles like Bound High and Dragon Hopper.

    Game Boy Advance Micro.
    Give me a type C USB 3.1 port for charging, link cable and video out.
    Chuck on a selection of Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games.

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