What Do You Usually Watch Over Christmas?

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It's coming up to the holiday season, which means for most people: time with family. And that means, at some point, there's going to be some time to fill.

My family has never been the kind that throws on holiday-themed movies. I'm fine with that, because I've got no interest in a lot of the Christmas-themed cheer that shows off a lot of snow and eggnog (when it's more likely to be bushfire season outside).

Mind you, it means we also don't get to do regular Die Hard marathons, which is a shame.

So usually our viewing will depend on what's on at the movies. My family tends to head out on Boxing Day to do a huge marathon - usually two or three movies back to back. Maybe get lunch after the first movie, and then load up on popcorn for the next two.

What do you and your family/friends/partner usually watch over Christmas?


    Muppet Christmas Carol, Scrooged, Christmas Vacation, Die Hard and of course Gremlins

    Before lunch, it's always Life of Brian, followed by Die Hard in the afternoon when we are either asleep, pissed, or arguing about what's the true meaning of Xmas!

    Every Christmas for the last many years, I've watched the following three movies:

    Die Hard, Muppet Christmas Carol and Back to the Future.

    No justification necessary.

    Nice write up! For my family - it’s the MCU (Marvel) movies! Not by my families choice usually - it comes down to me trying to show-off and highlight all of the fantastic Marvel movies released that year! Not to mention the fun of continuity! My family (and certainly myself) have fun with it - I get to nerd out and update my family while they get to enjoy really top-tier quality movies (let’s face it - Marvel can do no wrong). It’s becoming a nice, fine little tradition.

    For holiday viewing: Dr Who Christmas special, Blackadder's Christmas Carol, Scrooged.

    Otherwise, we just watch whatever is on. Nothing special.

    These are my go to 'Christmas' movies:
    Die Hard, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, The Santa Clause, Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

    Some of them are downright terrible if you think of them from a critical standpoint, but all of them make me think of Christmas.

    Does watching the family collapse into a tired over-fed drunken stooper count?

    ... also Doctor Who
    ... or any game/movie anyone got as a present.

    Gremlins and as of this year I'll be watching Krampus. That's such a fun Christmas horror movie.

    I watch people talk about halloween because we always talk about holidays months in advance. its October still. talk christmas crap in December. Where is the cyber friday ( the one we all are more interested in news )

    Home alone, jingle all the way, Fred Clause and on Christmas Eve night the Grinch.

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    Die Hard. And Die Hard 2. And maybe The Santa Clause as well depending on what children happen to be around in the afternoon.

    Muppet Christmas Carol

    Life of Brian.
    Christmas Vacation.
    Robbie the Reindeer (first one).
    Doctor Who.
    Computer GAAAAAAAAMES! :)

    Bad Santa
    Die Hard
    Futurama, Simpsons and American Dad xmas episodes
    It's Always Sunny In Philly xmas special

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