What Game Have You Played The Most This Year?

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This week is really the end of the beginning as far as the 2017 gaming calendar goes. It's a rush of the biggest titles, before a relatively quiet December. Most people will have spent hundreds of hours in games this year. But what ones caught your attention the most?

I've used a Breath of the Wild screenshot because I know it's Mark's most played game of the year by far. It's interesting given I know people were a little reluctant about the Switch. And then they got hands on with it. And then they started really diving beyond that first area of Zelda.

The rest, they say, is history.

Personally, I'm not sure I'll get past the hundreds of hours I've poured into PUBG. It might not be my favourite game of the year, although it's pretty high up there. This year hasn't had as many games that I've shared as a co-op experience with Tegan - it's been a lot more PvP - but PUBG ended up being one of them.

I'm on 177 hours played myself. For Tegan, it's 156. That's not a bad effort between two people.

But what about yourselves? What game have you poured the most hours into this year so far? And are you likely to surpass that with anything coming out soon? (Super Mario Odyssey, perhaps?)


    This has been my least gaming year since the 90s. When I didn't have a PC. Probably Witcher 3. But was that last year or this year? Horizon Zero Dawn has gotten a good play and recently Prey has consumed me.

    Apart from that, nothing that much. Had a crack at Wolfenstien. Impressive but once was enough. Played Doom. Yay but again, once I finished that was me done. Can't think of anything else. Prey is definitely my fave of the year. I loved System Shock 2 back in the day and this is just an amazing update to that game. Or that genre I guess. VERY faithful and just awesome. Completely my cup of tea.

    Friday the 13th: The Game about 400+ hours and it would have been more, but my gaming PC has been dead for the last 3 months.

    Pretty easy for me...its been World of Warcraft. Re-joined it for Legion after a 5 year break. For the last year and a bit that was pretty much the only game I played. Would be something like 1500hrs+ playtime.

    Lately though I've been stepping back from WoW a bit and playing Divinity Original Sin 2, at something like 70-80hrs over 3ish weeks.

      Ditto... I relapsed on my WoW addiction cause of Legion.

        Legion caught my attention for about 3 months last year before something else distracted me. I think it was alcohol...

    Same game it always is. Crusader kings 2. Every time I walk away I think of a new thing I want to try and it sucks me right back in. Ive also been playing a lot of hearts of iron 4 for the same reason.

    Oddly enough, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Mostly because it's a go short and simple game that basically fits in any size of work break.

    Probably a draw between Yakuza 0 and Horizon Zero Dawn. Divinity Original Sin feels like it may well give them a run for their money, but the year may run out before it gets quite up to that many hours.

    Honourable mentions to Battlefield 1 and PES 2017, too.

    Played a lot of Destiny 1 this year around 150 hours, played around 55 hours of Horizon Zero Dawn, and on Destiny 2 I've already done 139 hours granted I took the week off work and did not stop playing apart from eat shower and sleep

    Apart from DOOM i have not play any game for more than 20mins, though i have been trialling the games in my Backlog deciding of the games i own which ones i will actually play and deleting the ones i wont.

    Biggest three for me would be HZD, Witcher 3, and more recently Destiny 2. Couldn't be sure which of those would come out as the most played, its roughly the same across all of them. Probably that order though.

    Destiny 2.... Nothing else has really been memorable. Dabbled in Fallout 4 with diverse characters, some Agents of Mayhem, Xcom 2, Grim Dawn.... But most notably it's now Destiny 2.

    It was HZD before Splatoon 2 took over. I can see BOTW is going to take over S2 though before year end is out. I completed the main campaign a week ago but jumped straight back in to explore unseen places, upgrade gear and chase the DLC content. Loving it!

    PUBG tops out at about 530 hours so far, 20 of that on the test server though.
    FF14 has probably hit 200, pretty low numbers this year
    ZBotW with about 80+

    Probably Madden 18, which I've been playing since it came out.

    Least gaming this year. But still manage to spend most of my time on Horizon Zero Dawn.

    Witcher 3 definitely because I completed the main story campaign finally.
    Prey a very close second because it sucked me in and wouldn't let me take it out of the PS4 until I had finished it.

    Other than that, probably the first Dishonored again because I wanted to complete the two Daud DLCs before I did Death of the Outsider or maybe Heat Signature because that game is great fun.

    Definitely Breath of the Wild. I've played about 130 hours of it.

    87 hours on BallisticNG (this year). That's a shit-ton of time-trialing. I can't get enough, and the constant updates and revisions just keep making it better and better. That said, before the year is out, I think I'll be rivalling that with Starpoint Gemini: Warlords. It's utterly fantastic, and totally my bag.

    Persona 5 - 140hrs before I tapped out. Should get back to that...

      Persona 5 for me too. It was hard work to stay motivated to finish by the end but glad i did. Totally worth it.

        My daughter REALLY wants me to play it, but I'm embarrassed to admit I no longer remember exactly what to do next in the last palace...

          I gunned through it towards the end because my wife's belly was expanding fast and i was never going to be able to finish it once the baby arrived.

    Overwatch, before I got super salty one afternoon and sold it. Played about 800 games in Season 5 alone.

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    I'm pretty sure with 145+ hours, Breath of the Wild takes this one.

    But Horizon: Zero Dawn was no slouch, and it has that amazing photo mode, which I couldn't really say how long I spent playing with.

    On the flip side, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is the game that played me the most this year. But in a good way.

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    Over watch by far.
    Then maybe HZD, destiny 2 and Zelda

    December might be quiet, but that's because there's only 1 game that matters - Xenoblade 2. No doubt that'll keep some people's attention all month!

    Yeah, BOTW is the one. Though to be fair, Nier Automata clocked in at just under 90 hours for me. Squeezed everything I could from that game, which is something I never do these days, it's just that amazing.

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