What Robot Would You Choose To Fight For You?

Later today, there's going to be a giant robot fight. Between Japan and the United States, of course. So for this week's Big Question, I couldn't help but ask: if you had to pick a giant robot to save your arse, which one would you pick?

The fight, in case you're wondering, is between MegaBots and Suidobashi Heavy Industries. The robots involved are Eagle Prime, a 12-ton monster that costs $US2.5 million, and Kuratas, which weighs half as much as Eagle Prime and is a few feet shorter.

If you want to stream the actual fight, that kicks off at 1300 AEDT (1100 AWST, 1200 AQST, 1230 ACST). We'll have a post on the site so we can all watch it, because who doesn't want to see giant robots kicking the shit out of each other.

But until then, let's wind this back a bit. Say you're in need of a giant robot to play bodyguard for you.

What robot would you choose?

I'd be tempted to steer clear of the Evangelion series, with their shitty five minute battery life and temperamental 14-year-old pilots. And while it's easy draw inspiration from one of the many mecha anime over the last few decades, or maybe even the Transformer series, I think I'd prefer a robot that's a little less emotional.

So I'm going with one of the Gears from Heavy Gear 2. Their armour is a little thinner, but their arms can punch, they're more agile, they can fling swords around and they're under 5 metres tall, which is a little more practical for day to day protection.

What robot would you want to guard you?


    Anyone who doesn't say Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann has picked the wrong robot.

    STRIKE FREEDOM GUNDAM generating thousands of dude yelling "nani!?" per minute.

    Didn't they already film this over a few days last week and have been editing it since? That was what some guy from the US team was talking about when this popped up on Reddit this week.

    Probably Jehuty or Anubis from Zone of the Enders, either one is fine with me, i'm not a big fan of mechs personally but these two are exceptions.

    Twiki from Buck Rogers. Bidibidibidi

    When you say "Robot" do you mean a piloted mech or an actual robot? (As in a fully autonomous, AI driven machine) In terms of mecha, Escaflowne seems like it would be a cool thing to pilot though 'm not sure how it would fare in an age of nuclear weaponry. Voltron seems like a good choice too but you a) Need a crew of 5 people that can work together and b) You need all 5 pieces to be functioning to form Voltron.

    In terms of actual robots, the Autobots seems like handy ones to have around.

    I'd pick an Evangelion despite the risks but the idea of inhaling LCL really bothers me. So I'll go with the Arbalest from Full Metal Panic.

    ED 209... may glitch & kill me but tots worth it!

    Front Mission series, baby!

    Hmm either a Timber Wolf, Mad Cat IIc, Cauldron Born, Dire Wolf or Warhammer IIc

    Iron Giant. A good friend as well as a super death dealing mecha.

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