What We Liked And Didn’t Like About Neo Yokio

When Netflix’s new original anime Neo Yokio was released, it sparked a lot of negative reactions online for a giant Toblerone-sized handful of reasons. From the mind of Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig, Neo Yokio attempts to tackle a lot in six short episodes.

From the politics of high society and status to the distracting voice acting, we sat down and talked about our thoughts on the show. (Spoiler warning!)


  • “Netflix’s new original”

    They also did the Death Note America movie too, right?
    Curious as to if they’ve done anything worth while outside of a shitty video service.

    • I guess it’s a matter of personal taste but I thought Bojack Horseman, Master of None, Stranger Things, The OA, and Ozark were all excellent and consider them among my favourite shows.

  • After the last article, I decided to check this out. I couldn’t wait for the first episode to be over and decided I couldn’t handle any more.

    The English voice acting is terrible. Or it’s purposefully terrible, in a non-funny way.

  • nearly every attempt to westernise anime with a New IP (Reflection), turning marvel/dc comics into anime (the last avengers anime turned them into kids toys the children activated) or turning anime into live action western series has failed (DBZ, Death Note). Miserable missing the point and target audiences in both markets. The Reflection is shockingly bad.

    Hell the only known success a western styled anination breaking into Japan anime market was RWBY.

    • Hell the only known success a western styled anination breaking into Japan anime market was RWBY.‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ & ‘Legend of Korra’? Both triggering countless debates over what actually is anime?

      • Avatar was stylised by Asian animation, and as a western production its attempt to break into the Japanese market had mixed results. I thought Avatar wasn’t well received in Japan, the japanese voice dub was a huge factor and it didn’t get a third season dub. (Mostly publisher issues and poor marketing)

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