What We Love(d) About AOL Instant Messenger

On December 15, AOL Instant Messenger will be officially dead. Gita Jackson asked Paul Tamayo and Tim Rogers from Kotaku's video team to share their memories of the messaging service of their youth.

(If you can't read the post below, a text transcript can be found here.)

Please ignore the fact that it is Riley MacLeod's picture here. h/t to Sam Woolley.


    I used it a lot to talk to American friends on Smashboards. Ahh those were the days...

    When see AIM I still think about getting up early on cold mornings to chat with American friends.

    Everyone in my state I knew was on MSN. Maybe it was a regional thing which chat you were on. I guess the early adopters in each area convinced their friends to jump on the same one. Maybe it was even split by which school you went to.

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