Which Crazy Arse Entries Won Our Total War: Warhammer 2 Comp?

We recently asked you to create your own old school Warhammer figurines from the ordinary stuff you have laying around the house. The prize? A limited edition copy of Total War: Warhammer 2.

My god, the stuff you sent in. Here are our winners.

Killer Cup by @jacka

Image: @jacka

Components include: - Coffee Cup body - Disposable razor cover feet - Battery legs - Spice jar cap hips - Clothes peg pinchy claw - Matchbox missile launcher - Sriracha cap made into left shoulder and both missile muzzles - Compressed air spraycan cap right shoulder - Cereal box teeth - Lots of wire - Some blood

Alex says this looks like Warhammer Trubbish. I think it's reminiscent of Penny Arcade's Fruit [email protected]#er. You decide.

Undead Knight by @oddymagoo

Image: @oddymagoo

"Behold, an Undead Knight on his Demon Steed!"

The cutest Warhammer figurine I've ever seen. I want it for my desk.

Captain Conemitts by @welbot

Image: @welbot

Leader of the Heavy Armour Corp front line troops. The Gratest Soldier ever!

I'll pay that level of bad puns.

Skaven Doomwheel by @jimfar

Image: @jimfar

Prepared whilst consuming Skaven wine and warpstone liquor.

Anyone who knows Warhammer will get the clever joke. Plus, it included my greatest love — cheese. Well played.

Dark Side of the Chuloopa by @chuloopa

Image: @chuloopa
Image: @chuloopa

"I present to you the work horse of many Planetary Defense Forces - The Chibi Attack APC

You will notice the pinnacle in anti-personnel armaments here, the avenger gatling cannon, forward mounted on the hull, with a limited movement turret for a 90 degree field of fire.

This particular vehicle is piloted by none other than General Hedius of the Loopsilon Prime PDF. A fearsome tank commander never afraid to say 'Drive me closer so I can hit them with my sword.'

The image above shows the troop compartment with a squad of assault specialists ready to deploy at a moments notice, while a dedicated Tech Priest works diligently to keep the transport's machine spirit appeased.

The Emperor protects. And so does several inches of armour plating and big guns."

A+ for exploiting your child's cuteness for personal gain. This is adorable.

Thanks to everyone who entered and a big congratulations to the winners! Keep an eye on your inboxes for an email from us soon!


    Love it Loops.

    Love it.

      These are all amazing

    Awesome! Thanks heaps Kotaku! Best competition idea ever btw :)

      I know who Oddy is, I knows a kotaku famous persons!!11.

      Well done mate!

    To be fair, she wanted to build a cubby house, so i was like - "Cubby house?! "
    "Child - I shall build you the finest cubby tank no money can buy! And I shall use it shamelessly to win, and you shall be my glorious mantlepiece!"

    This outcome is most satisfactory. My offspring shall recieve double rations tonight and a choccy bickie to celebrate!

    Thanks Kotaku! :D

    lol I totally forgot about this til I checked my email! Cheers! Glad you enjoyed my punny entry ;)

    Worthy winners.

    Does a small child count as "ordinary stuff you have laying around the house"? :)

      Yeah - she's pretty ordinary. Not genius IQ shining through yet. She did pretty much potty train herself, though, which was nice.
      And does do a fair bit of laying around the house when the hyperactivity finally wears her out.

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