Which Crazy Arse Entries Won Our Total War: Warhammer 2 Comp?

Which Crazy Arse Entries Won Our Total War: Warhammer 2 Comp?

We recently asked you to create your own old school Warhammer figurines from the ordinary stuff you have laying around the house. The prize? A limited edition copy of Total War: Warhammer 2.

My god, the stuff you sent in. Here are our winners.

Killer Cup by @jacka

Image: @jacka

Components include: – Coffee Cup body – Disposable razor cover feet – Battery legs – Spice jar cap hips – Clothes peg pinchy claw – Matchbox missile launcher – Sriracha cap made into left shoulder and both missile muzzles – Compressed air spraycan cap right shoulder – Cereal box teeth – Lots of wire – Some blood

Alex says this looks like Warhammer Trubbish. I think it’s reminiscent of Penny Arcade’s Fruit F!@#er. You decide.

Undead Knight by @oddymagoo

Image: @oddymagoo

“Behold, an Undead Knight on his Demon Steed!”

The cutest Warhammer figurine I’ve ever seen. I want it for my desk.

Captain Conemitts by @welbot

Image: @welbot

Leader of the Heavy Armour Corp front line troops. The Gratest Soldier ever!

I’ll pay that level of bad puns.

Skaven Doomwheel by @jimfar

Image: @jimfar

Prepared whilst consuming Skaven wine and warpstone liquor.

Anyone who knows Warhammer will get the clever joke. Plus, it included my greatest love — cheese. Well played.

Dark Side of the Chuloopa by @chuloopa

Image: @chuloopa
Image: @chuloopa

“I present to you the work horse of many Planetary Defense Forces – The Chibi Attack APC

You will notice the pinnacle in anti-personnel armaments here, the avenger gatling cannon, forward mounted on the hull, with a limited movement turret for a 90 degree field of fire.

This particular vehicle is piloted by none other than General Hedius of the Loopsilon Prime PDF. A fearsome tank commander never afraid to say ‘Drive me closer so I can hit them with my sword.’

The image above shows the troop compartment with a squad of assault specialists ready to deploy at a moments notice, while a dedicated Tech Priest works diligently to keep the transport’s machine spirit appeased.

The Emperor protects. And so does several inches of armour plating and big guns.”

A+ for exploiting your child’s cuteness for personal gain. This is adorable.

Thanks to everyone who entered and a big congratulations to the winners! Keep an eye on your inboxes for an email from us soon!


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