Which One Of You Messed Up Hypothetical Murderers Won Our Jigsaw Comp?

Which One Of You Messed Up Hypothetical Murderers Won Our Jigsaw Comp?
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Last week we asked to design a Jigsaw-style death trap without actually killing anyone, and we’re pretty sure you didn’t. Well done! This was our favourite of the bunch.

Hey, Good Lookin’ by @davidpalumbo

You wake up in a locked room that is filled up with oil, that goes to just below your neck. There are a hundred jars chained to the floor and in one of those jars is the key to the door that will allow you to escape. So you need to dive down into the oil and open as many jars as you can, hoping to find the key.

Every 5 minutes the temperature of the oil increases. The jars are super hard to open, being that they are submerged in oil and that you are also covered in oil. If you do not find the key in an hour, the temperature of the oil will be unbearable and cook you alive.

“Hey, Good Lookin'” by Hank Williams, blasts throughout the room as you attempt to escape.

We received a LOT of great entries. Some were intricate and complex, some were just plain funny. What I liked about this entry is that it was wonderfully simplistic in its design, but packed an element of humorous torture through the use of Hank Williams. It’s evil, not overly gross and makes me giggle. A+ work.

Thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to the winner who will receive a Strike Escape Room experience and JIGSAW movie tickets for themselves and five friends. You’ll be receiving an email shortly!


  • This ones different to the post on Gizmodo. That has the winner as an Abbott and Cos… Turnbull scenario where they’re finding the right copper lines to connect. With comments disabled.

    I prefer this one, only changing the oil to chocolate, and as the chocolate cools it hardens. I’d probably have Agadoo on repeat as well.

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