Which Original Xbox Games Do You Most Want To See On The Xbox One?

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With new speculation about which games Microsoft will have available at the start of it's Xbox to Xbox One backward compatibility program, it's a good time to remember just how many great games were exclusive to the old platform.

Recently Twitter user h0x0d leaked twelve different games they claim to make up the first batch of Xbox games on Xbox One. It included Crimson Skies, the first game revealed for the program back when the head of Xbox Phil Spencer announced it at this year's E3, as well as a number of other ones that have recently started popping up in different parts of the Xbox One marketplace.

Those include King of Fighters: Neowave, Dead to Rights, Red Faction II, and Fuzion Frenzy, although it's worth noting that Fuzion Frenzy has had a store listing ever since it was made available on Xbox 360.

Microsoft has said that the new program will be rolled out before the end of 2017, meaning sometime in the next couple of months and most likely in November, the same month it introduced backward compatibility with Xbox 360 games back in 2015.

While the games speculated about are are all good for the most part, many of them are also all currently available on other platforms. While it would be nice to be able to pop in the original Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic disc and start playing through one of BioWare's best RPGs, the game is currently easy to get on PC, iOS, and Android.

There are, however, a lot of weird and underrated games that debuted on the original Xbox and never got ported anywhere else.

Who could forget Otogi: Myth of Demons for instance, one of From Software's earlier action games that preceded Demon Souls by nearly a decade. While Halo was what helped put Xbox on the map, games like Otogi showed its library had more depth and nuance than its marketing liked to let on.

The combat was frenetic but fluid, and while it may not have been as complex as games like Devil May Cry or, later on, Bayonetta, it made up for it with the simple intuitiveness.

Also the monsters.

The Japanese version of the game came with an art book that showed just how gorgeous some of the enemy designs were. Rather than delve into the medieval European aesthetic of games like King's Field or Dark Souls, Otogi is distinctly Japanese, drawing on ghost stories and myths from Heian period.

There's maybe no better example of this than the Crimson King fight in the snow covered forest that happens just over halfway through the game. Surrounded by bamboo and the Xbox's limited draw distances you go toe-to-toe with a long, red-haired demon. You trade blows beneath a blurry moon while the environment around you is slowly destroyed (a breathtaking feature for 2003). The game rocked.

So much so that From Software ended up making a second one. Even fewer people played that one though, and so by the time the studio would have been in a position to release a third Otogi, it instead decided to make Ninja Blade, the not really spiritual successor that fans of the earlier series could still find some enjoyment in.

"[Ninja Blade] was not intended to be Otogi 3," said Kazuhiro Hamatani, the game's planner, via a translator just before it was released. "But people who like action action games like Otogi will like this game." Let's just say they did not, at least not without major reservations.

Of course, the system had plenty of other great games that still haven't reappeared, like Panzer Dragoon Orta and Deathrow, one of the weirdest sports games ever made. What about you? What long-forgotten Xbox gems do you hope make it to the Xbox One sooner rather than later?


    Beyond Good & Evil

      A HD re-release of that was released for X360, in 2011 and that's available on the XB1.

      Is there a flaw I don't know about in that?

    I for one would love to play Kotor 1 and 2 on my Xbox one!

    I would like to see Mashed! Probably second up would be Mashed. And we can't forget about that timeless classic Mashed!

      Mashed mashed and more mashed . One of the best local multiplayer games ever .

      Melon FTW

        Aaahh, timeless classic.
        "They don't call me Melon for nothing, it's the shape of my head"
        - Melon

    Kung Fu Chaos. Probably my favourite original Xbox game. It was so much fun.

      Holy hell! I forgot about that game. Game was rad!

      I'd like to see (most people probably won't agree) - but I remember enjoying Vexx quite a bit. Brute Force was a terrible game, but I would play it again if it showed up, if for no other reason than nostalgia.

      came here to post Kun Fu Chaos. then i read your comment. That game was both remarkably fun and remarkably racist..... I need it back in my life,,,

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    Elderscrolls III Morrowind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I agree Morrowind is a great game, and my favourite from that era by a clear margin.
      However these days you're better off getting it on pc and learning how to improve it via mods.
      Better ui, so much prettier, all sorts of things.
      I'm also a sucker for the pc controls.

        Yeah I have it on PC I do really like the PC controls actually, and from mods stand point I really liked it in its natural state. Just brings back so much nostalgia, I wish I was my 13 year old self again so I had the time to actually play through it like I spent most afternoons and nights for a solid 2 years lol. But alas growing up and having a family is kinda like venturing in Vvardenfell.

        I second the vote for Morrowind - I don't have a PC anymore and would love to play through it again, clunky UI, murky graphics and all :)

    I still have the original Xbox game discs for...

    Republic Commando
    Xmen Legends 1 & 2
    Hunter the Reckoning: Redeemer


    Also, can we have Manhunt, surely that game pales in comparison to Outlast, Evil Within and other great titles we have now.

    the only needs to be one. Project Zero (aka Fatal Frame)

    I still have the disc waiting...

    both Blinx games. They need a remake

    It won't be a popular choice, but I would love to play Mark Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure again. It was such an underrated game...

    YAGER - fk ya!
    RalliSport Challenge 2
    Project Gotham Racing 2
    Brothers In Arms:Road to Hill 30
    Conker LIVE & Reloaded
    Sonic Mega Collection Plus
    Panzer Dragon Orta
    Soulcalibur 2
    Farcry Instincts
    & that's it...

    Conkers Bad Fur Day
    Crimson Sky is there which is good
    Time Splitters Future Perfect
    Def Jam Fight for New York

      Yes Def Jam fa real

      Last edited 23/10/17 5:02 pm

      Conkers bad fur day is already included in the rare replay pack. :)

        Yes, but that is the original n64 version emulated and does not look very good, especially when you compare it to native xbox titles like banjo-kazooie. It also lacks the added multiplayer modes live and reloaded had.

    Honestly, I firmly believe that if it wasn't for Halo and Halo 2, the original Xbox would have been a commercial failure. Those games almost single-handedly managed to keep it relevant. If you look at the rest of it's library of exclusives, it's pretty lacklustre with only a couple of real standouts (Project Gotham Racing, Dead or Alive 3, etc). And this is coming from someone who owned the system.

      The original got by on a few things really, Halo, Xbox Live, and the much much much much much much much better controllers. They really came back with a vengeance with the 360, and clearly won that generation, but now they're definitely losing against the PS4 with it's much better and more extensive selection of exclusives. I only use consoles for exclusives so I haven't bought into this gen yet but for the first time I'll be going PS first then XB, now if only I could wire up an Xbone controller to a PS4...

      As somebody who still owns the system, there's a ton more standouts than just those two you mentioned. And yeah, Halo drove sales of the Xbox and sold it to people. That's what killer-app's do - they make you want in on something you're on the fence about :)

      As for games though, it got more SEGA titles that still play wonderfully today that it's competition managed. Rallisport Challenge 2 is one of the best arcade-ish rally games around - it's still an exclusive. Crimson Skies, the Mech Assault games, Otogi 1 & 2, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Unreal Championship II, the list goes on. They might not all be the golden-child Japanese titles that were in at the time, but they're still worth playing today.

      There was also the draw of having the best multi-platform versions of regular releases on tap, and a ton of PC ports, which was great for me, since my PC wasn't the most amazing bit of kit around.

      I soft-modded my unit a fair while back, so being able to play almost everything in progressive-scan is a major boon for me. Some games even run in legit 720p/1080i - it's crazy.

      Man, I love that system. It's awesome to collect for because almost everything is still dirt cheap.

    Kingdom Under Fire The Crusaders
    Kingdom Under Fire Heroes
    MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf
    Star Wars Battlefield 2 (not the coming 2017 version)
    Total Warrior Spartan

    Project Gotham Racing 1 and 2, Cel Damage, Fuzion Frenzy, Oddworld: Munch's Odysee, Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, Amped 1 and 2, Jet Set Radio Future, Rallisport Challenge 1 and 2, Burnout 3, Buffy, Quantum Redshift, Prisoner Of War, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Kung Fu Chaos, Enter the Matrx, Brute Force, Midtown Madness 3, The Simpsons Hit and Run, Grabbed by the Ghoulies, Conker Live and Reloaded, Links 2004, Crash Nitro Kart, Crash Tag Team Racing, Crash: Wrath of Cortex, Ninja Gaiden, Breakdown (or a remake would be even better), Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, Psi Ops, Second Sight, Fable: The Lost Chapters, Outlaw Golf 1 and 2, Fatal Frame 2, Halo 1 and 2, Need for Speed Underground 1 and 2, Blinx 1 and 2, Star Wars Republic Commando, Phantom Dust, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Jade Empire, GTA: SA, GTA Vice City, Psychonauts, Forza Motorsport, Sid Meier's Pirates, Metal Arms: Glitch in the System, XIII

    So much to enjoy and return to.

      I know Phantom Dust is out on XB1, not sure how it stacks up.

      Yay for Metal Arms: Glitch in the System.

    Deathrow! no other game has come out like it

    Also the two buffy games

    I'll try to keep it short, but mostly I want games I can actually play local co-op with again, give a HD remake or sequel to any of these please:

    Psi-Ops The Mindgate Conspiracy
    Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 1&2
    Dungeons and Dragons Heroes
    Burnout 3: Takedown
    Brute Force
    Gun Metal
    Hunter The Reckoning Redeemer
    Simpsons Hit & Run
    Republic Commando
    Stubbs The Zombie
    Brute Force

    Baldurs Gate!!!!

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