Xbox One S Deals Are Getting Ridiculous

Xbox One S Deals Are Getting Ridiculous

The Xbox One X might be coming out next week, but if you’d rather not spend $649 you can get a stupidly good deal on an Xbox One S right now.

As spotted by OzBargain, Big W are offering a 500GB Xbox One S bundle for $319. That’s not a bad price, but you get three games for the price: Forza Horizon 3, the Hot Wheels DLC, Battlefield 1, and Call of Duty: WW2.

Image: OzBargain/Big W

Stonking good deal if you have a parent whose idea of unwinding involves driving/shooting a lot of stuff. Worth noting that you don’t get the DLC for Battlefield 1, but you can still play regular modes and the campaign, so there’s plenty of content to kick off with.

If you want a console for a 4K TV but don’t want to drop $650+, there’s also a PS4 Pro 1TB deal with COD: WW2 for $449. Not bad, but it’s just the one game, so not really ideal unless you’re buying it for a hardcore COD fan.

The deals are available in-store from Thursday, if you don’t want to wait for the Christmas madness. (Or post-Xbox One X stocktake sales.)


  • Does anyone else think it’s stupid that they decided to go with the naming convention of S and X? The two letters sound very similar when you say them and confusion can easily happen.

    • Yes, but even more stupid is the sheer boring-ness and repetitiveness of calling it Xbox One X. Does the X stand for ‘xtreme’ or some shit? Why didn’t they just leave it as Scorpio? At least that sounded cool.

  • A true ozbargainer would take advantage of Big W’s bundle policy; you can take games out of bundles to reduce the bundle cost by the game’s current individual price.

    You can get some incredible deals this way.

    Edit: I was actually thinking of Target, great job me. Might still work at BigW, but I haven’t tried it.

      • I can’t speak for BF1 and CoD:WW2, but from what I understand Forza Horizon 3 would be as it’s part of the Xbox One bundle.

    • Okay; I’ll bite; how does one go about asking BigW to do this?

      “Hi I’d like this bundle at this price; but would you mind removing most of the bundle contents?”

      (Also, where would one find BigW’s ‘Bundle Policy’?)

      Or is this simply, “Buy the bundle, take home, leave receipt at home, take games back into store and ask for refund?” (Because I can’t see any staffer refunding games at RRP if they’ve got the proof of purchase… then again I guess it might depend on how they process said bundle through the POS)

      • Blargh, good thing you asked about this because I just realised I’m actually thinking of Target. Big W *may* do it, but I can’t back it up with my own experience.

        Target lets you do it with any bundles that are “thrown together” with off-the-shelf items and aren’t prepackaged like the Wii U + Mario Kart boxes. I think it may also depend on if the deal is being underwritten by the distributor offering wholesale discounts, in which case Target may refuse to itemize the bundle for you.

        It was all above board though, I just asked on the spot if I could take some games out of a PS4 bundle and they didn’t blink.

  • Daaammmmnnn. I’ve been eyeing off all the price drops simply to use it as a 4K Blu-Ray player.

    It’s even more enticing by all the free month game passes I was showered with at PAX.

  • The more these deals come up, I get tempted to pick up an Xbox One. But the only two exclusive games I want to play is the Rare Rewind (a collection of games I’ve already played) and Sunset Overdrive (something that I’ve heard is good, not great), so I realise there’s no point.

  • Ok, next question; Aside from the ‘ editions’ of the console; how does one purchase an /any colour but white please/ Xbox One S?

  • Creepy, weird people who aren’t Japanese but love Japanese Anime will buy the PS4 Pro.

    Antisocial people will spend $11,000 on a gaming PC.

    People who live in the real world will purchase an Xbox One X.

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