You Can Play The Evil Within 2 In First Person

Image: The Evil Within 2

Remember how you had to mod The Evil Within just to get rid of its weird aspect ratio? How times change.

If you haven't played The Evil Within 2, here's a mini-spoiler: there's a segment of the game that you play in first person. And given that one part of the game is playable from that view, it makes sense that it would be possible to play the rest of the game in first person too.

Question is, how do you do it? DSO Gaming found a way, writing that PC users could unlock the camera by going into the developer console and toggling a quick setting.

If you're curious as to what the game looks like from this perspective, here's a short video:

To unlock the mode, you'll need to first unlock the developer console. You can right-click on The Evil Within 2 in your Steam library, go to launch options, and then add +com_allowconsole 1 here. (I'm using PUBG as an example here.)

From there, hit the insert key to open the console in-game. Type "pl_FPS 1", and you'll be able to play the entire game in first person.

It's not the way the game was designed to be played, so you might have some issues interacting with the environment and seeing some prompts that you'd ordinarily see without trouble. But having first person also adds a sense of intensity to proceedings, which makes horror games all the more, well, horrifying. And that's part of the fun, ain't it?


    Good to know, but third person is the way to go.
    I kinda wish RE7 had the option to go third person.

      Just finished RE7 last night. I think it would be a fundamentally different game in third person and definitely less nerve-wracking. As it is now, it kinda reminds me less of resident evil and more like old school adventure games set in haunted houses. Really good game, though. I'm almost tempted to try the madhouse difficulty.

        I agree, but I just don't think it feels like an RE game. Really limited replay value too.
        After I finished it I went back and played re4 for the hundredth time and had leagues more fun.

          Hah. Yeah, I picked up RE4 as well. I never played it originally and I know that particular entry is revered by fans. The controls might take some getting used to.

          Have a look at the RE7 new game+ rewards though. You get a circular saw and x-ray glasses if you complete a speed run in under 4 hours. You get infinite ammo if you complete the game on madhouse. Infinite ammo for the magnum! Really curious to see what you can do to Marguerite and Jack with the magnum and circular saw before their actual boss encounters. Though the fact Jack is faster than you in madhouse makes me kind of too chicken to try it.

    with first person view this game suddenly became interesting to me.

    for goodness sake, why dont all thirdperson and firstperson games have an option to swtich between both views?

      Creative license, usually, or technical issues that make it impractical.

    I'm actually glad it's 3rd person. The amount of first person horror games I've played I like the change.

      I don't find first person horror more immersive or scary, mostly I'm just annoyed by sluggish controls or focus on hiding or stealth, and no real interaction beyond pressing the cursor on stuff and watching endless scripted sequences.

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