Adelaide Has Some Pretty Amazing Cosplayers

The Australian convention season has been farewelled with one last hurrah — Supanova Expo in Adelaide. Yes, the year is essentially over for cosplayers, who will now finally clean up all the worbla scraps and abandoned wigs lying around their houses. Before we're done, however, we've got a gallery of some pretty top notch cosplay out of Adelaide to tide you over until next year!

Brought to you by the Huawei Mate 10 and its AI -assisted Leica Dual-Lens Camera, featuring object recognition and the ability to automatically adjust camera setting to produce vibrant, sharp and perfectly composed photographs, even in low light.

Over the weekend I snapped these photos on the con floor with the help of the AI-assisted camera on the Huawei Mate 10. Here are some of the fantastic cosplays we spotted on the ground at Adelaide Showgrounds — make sure to look out for Supanova's new cosplay ambassadors, Floksy Locksy Cosplay and CB Studios!

The dragon moves as well — check it out here!

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We snapped these pictures on the fly — if you know someone featured in them, let us know in the comments so we can add the credit in!


    Femme Roadhog is Axe Massacre Cosplay, bearded Alm (blue armour) is Beardface Props & Cosplay, Wonder Woman is Khaleesi, She-Hulk is SuddenlyGreen.
    Great shots!

    Some amazing pictures! The Huawei phone's camera is so good!
    It was a great weekend.

    Also Seven of Nine is the lovely Courtney Ferguson

    While it's nice to showcase your sponsor's phone photo quality, it would have been nice to give some recognition to the cosplay photographers, which you used to showcase their shots on previous articles.

      Like how every photographer is credited in the last three con wrap-ups Hayley has published (Sydney and Brisbane OCC and PAX)?

        Exactly except you missed BrisNova. My point is, I really love seeing the creativity from different photographers and figured these articles was to provide recognition to both photographers and cosplayers alike. I've got to know about new photographers and see creative shots thanks to Hayley's articles in the past but why not continue this trend while still showing off the phone's photo ability?

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