Alert: 30 KFC Nuggs, 2 Large Chips And Sauce For $15.95

The KFC Nugget Party Pack is BACK. It's nugget nirvana.

So load up on nuggs, bring your friends, it's fun to eat and to pretend (you don't have a chronic nugg problem).

Yes, you too can be in Nugget Nirvana and it's really quite simple to achieve pure nugget enlightenment.

To redeem this offer (and because it's 2017 and this is the way things are now) you need to have the KFC 'Order On The Go' app installed on your phone and be signed up with a KFC account. You can grab it on iOS here and on Android here.

Then you'll be able to navigate to the order menu and reveal the offer hiding behind the 'Colonel's Table' tab - this particular deal is known as the 'Nugget Party Pack' (I would have called it 'Lunch For One' but, I don't do KFC's marketing).

A cool caveat is that you can swap the chips out in the app for a whole range of other menu items including:

  • Large Potato & Gravy
  • Large Coleslaw
  • Large Crunchy Sesame Salad
  • Gravy
  • Four Dinner Rolls
  • Shaker Salad
  • Grilled Shaker Salad (additional $2)
  • Popcorn Shaker Salad (additional $2)
  • 1.25L Soft Drink

I'm having nuggets for dinner.


    What the motherfuck?

    OK I don't complain when you advertise Aussie-only gaming deals on here without warning. But I draw the goddam line at chicky nuggs! You can't raise my hopes like that!

      Well, I mean, this is the AU version of Kotaku sooooo

        Yea but this is where we get directed to. Spare a thought for your poor mates across the dutch!

          Well, take consolation that you're in a place that seems to be doing better in everything non-nugget related. We need to eat our feelings

    It should be illegal for companies to bribe people or offer gratuities as a way of illegitimately increasing the amount of phone app installs.

    Macca nuggets are superior in every way. I once ate 45 in one sitting. Shit is like crack.

    I didn't choose the nugg life.. The nugg life chose me.

    Can't see the attraction of nuggets. Uber processed, bubble chicken sludge reconstituted into a solid form.

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