And Here's A Switch With Super Mario Odyssey For $435

Want a Switch but want a game to go with it? Gamesmen have got a cracker of an eBay deal right now.

By using the PANTONE code at checkout, you can grab a Neon Switch with Super Mario Odyssey for $435.60 courtesy of The Gamesmen.

If you go with the standard Aussie Post option, shipping is free. I'd recommend using that, since the express shipping option will set you back another $12.13 and it'll only arrive a day earlier (this is based off shipping to metropolitan areas though - if you're a rural gamer the difference in delivery may be stark). Either way, it's a solid deal for a Switch bundle. Great console, great game.

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    Very tempting, giving that Amazon Australia won't be open till next week, decisions decisions...

    Anyone had experience with ordering consoles online and specifically from Gamesmen? i'm always a bit hesitant on buying expensive items online, but this deal looks like it's going to be the best for a while.

      I've bought a bunch of pther hardware stuff from them; arcade sticks, wheels, collector's editions.

      I've never had to return anything so i can't speak of that experience, but they've been fine to deal with.

      I bought a wii u from them a while back and they were great. I actually bought the switch deal from them today too, with standard shipping. Already had an email with a tracking number!

        Just an addon to this, I ordered this on friday morning, and it arrived saturday morning - standard shipping. (apparently Aus Post has started saturday deliveries for christmas.) Less than 24 hours! That is what I call fast delivery!

      I just bought a Switch with LOZ:BOTW for $450 about a week ago and the experience was actually really good. Came ~3 days earlier than estimated, the packaging was nothing special, but adequate and the standard shipping from Australia Post was over all a far better experience than pretty much any other courier/delivery company I've used recently.

      I too felt pretty nervous about having such an expensive item delivered, so I picked it up from a nearby collection point, which worked very well.

    Damn. I bought one from jb for $399. Wonder if Mario odyssey will be cheap on cyber Monday?

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