Applications For Good Game: Spawn Point's New Host Just Opened


Want to be the next Bajo? Applications have just opened, and here's what you'll need if you want to make the cut.

Listed on the ABC's careers page, the listing says the new host would be filling a "contract vacancy" for around 11 months. Interest in games journalism and gaming is mandatory - obviously - but the show is also looking for an energetic, confident personality on-camera, as well as someone who can work with a script or off the cuff.

The main attributes you'll need are:

  • You will be responsible for researching and presenting original and entertaining stories on games, the games industry, and gaming culture
  • Reviewing games across all genres and platforms and presenting those opinions on-air
  • Working collaboratively with the Spawn Point team to extend the reach of our gaming content across multiple platforms and social media

It's a video role first and foremost, so you'll have to submit either a two minute "original game review" with you presenting to camera, or a short show-reel with your application.

If you want to try your hand at becoming the next face for gaming on Australian TV, there's more detail on the ABC website. Applications close just before midnight AEDT on November 24.

Good luck!


    Think of all the things you'll be able to add to your tax deductions...

      Work as a game dev and already claimed my PS4 Pro, PC upgrades and all of my games :D

    They should add thick skin to the list, as no matter what there'll be people voicing their disapproval.

      Yeah. I'd hate to have had to deal with what Hex went through all those years. Still sick of hearing about Junglist

        Yeah Agree, it's slightly different scenario as Bajo decided to step down. However it's still no excuse for what Hex received.
        On 'R U OK day' I remember listening to the guys who took over Matt and Alex breakfast radio on Triple J, after they decided to leave. The abuse they got for taking over from those guys, he was saying some nights he just cried.

          Far out. Never even thought about that. Guess ABC viewers can get pretty die-hard about their favourite presenters. As for me I only get upset at the gov for continually cutting funding and causing some of my favourite shows to get axed. Still miss "The Roast" but at least GG got Nichboy for a while

    You will be responsible for researching and presenting original and entertaining stories on games, the games industry, and gaming culture

    But why start doing things Bajo never did?????

      If I had a gif of Bajo crying from the Mafia 2 review, I'd put it here.

      But I don't, so I won't.

    Ozzy Man Reviews should be the new face of Good Game

      it would just be compilations of crashing and dying with him constantly saying "destination Faarked"
      but i would so watch the hell out of that.

    As much as I'd love to apply for this, I'm guessing the producers would much rather a hyperactive twentysomething than a 38 year old family man.

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