Aussie Fan Film Nails D.Va's Music Debut

If Hana Song was a real person about to branch out into a real-life music career, this is the kind of production quality I'd expect her actual debut music video to have.

It's not real, of course. It's a fan video from Deerstalker Pictures, an Australian production group that produces live-action cosplay skits and short films.

Their latest video is basically a what if: what if D.Va decided to put down her guns for a second to produce a real-life music video? The result is the kind of K-Pop single you'd expect D.Va/Hana Song to produce.

It sounds like authentic K-Pop too, but that's because the song is a rewrite of Gee from Girls Generation (a South Korean manufactured pop group).

For reference, here's the clip from the original Girls Generation song.

For more Deerstalker's creations, you can check out their YouTube channel here.


    Sounds like the theme song from if you are the one

      That's because it is - Gee is the song they play when the final two girls walk down the runway.

    Lost it at the Mountain Dew and Doritos. Fantastic stuff.

    I wonder what Blizzard and SM Entertainment have to say about this...

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