Bajo Has Resigned From ABC’s Good Game

Bajo Has Resigned From ABC’s Good Game

Steven “Bajo” O’Donnell has this evening announced his resignation from Good Game: Spawn Point and the ABC.

O’Donnell, who has been with the ABC, Good Game and its associated ventures for approximately 11 years, announced his resignation publicly this evening over Twitter:

O’Donnell will become a full-time Twitch streamer, having begun streaming part time on the platform from March this year. Good Game: Spawn Point will continue in his absence, with Angharad “Rad” Yeo and Gus “Goose” Ronald remaining as presenters.

Perhaps fittingly, the last tweet from the official Good Game account with O’Donnell was, well, typically Bajo.

Update (0920): Bajo has posted a statement on Facebook.

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  • All the best Bajo – your streams are crazy but they’re definitely a good watch. I think Twitch is a good fit for you. You did seem quite chummy with Twitch people at Pax, I was wondering whether there was a partnership or something coming along…

  • Saw this coming from a mile away. His streams are very entertaining and well worth watching. IMO, GG was not going to get him anywhere. Full time streaming has the potential to get him a lot further.

  • I haven’t really been a fan of Good Game ever since Hex joined many years ago. In fact, I really despised the show, and every time someone brought it up, I got really annoyed.

    And yet… I cannot help but feel a little bit sad by the news. Old Good Game defined my own ideas and comedy, and I still mourn the loss it suffered. Bajo, whilst changing with the show, still holds a lot of respect from me for his older work. And despite Carr piloting the show into a mountainside in future years, still holds the same amount of respect for creating one of my favourite shows ever. Best of luck to them in future endeavours.

    It seems like Spawn Point will die a very slow death, and that saddens me, as I enjoyed the new cast. But perhaps one day, in the future, Good Game will get the revival it truly deserves, and will be restored to it’s former (albeit goofy) glory.

    Ray, Makowski, P_Nutz, Tullet, O’Donnell, Lee, Leanda, Hansen, Lein, Gothe-Snape, Callan, Hing and Richardson. Goodnight sweet Princes and Princesses. Shine on, you crazy diamonds.

    • Interestingly Hex didn’t kill it for me but Nichboy – that was when I jumped off haven’t even been able to motivate myself to watch their new show

    • I don’t mean this to be a response to your comment per say, nor to you individually, but I always hear this anti-Hex rhetoric and I really don’t get it.

      While I may have begun watching after she joined and thus perhaps don’t have quite the same perspective as older viewers have I went back to watch through the old episodes I was supposedly missing out on and I found them to be far worse. I really liked Hex as a host and thought she lent a more professional angle the show had lacked previously. The reviews GG put out in these later episodes were for my money far more useful as far as actually evaluating the game went, and the Hex / Bajo dynamic worked for me far better than the earlier host pairings did. If it was all Hex then the reviews would be a little dry, if it was all Bajo it’d be amusing but unfocused, but together they struck a balance I really liked.

      Again, this isn’t meant to be a reply specifically to you, but I just feel like every time Good Game is mentioned someone feels the need to bring up Hex, and I think she was pretty great. The constant Hex ruined Good Game complaints just feel out of proportion to her own work, even accounting for those that were disappointed by Junglist’s departure.

      • A lot of the comments (Not all) but a lot seem to me like some of the viewers preferred when it was just two guys because i theorize at the time the viewer base was mostly young adult males. Once hex came on they saw it as a woman taking over “Their” thing hence the dislike/ Hatred of her. Even though ratings went up once she joined, Because the show then appealed to a wider audience.

        • Tbh sounds like a very narrow minded comment assuming Hex’s gender was the issue. Putting aside from the fact this was the perceived controversial reason she replaced Junglist (which was shown to be false anyway), people liked the guy, how he did things. The show was never the same afterwards.

          Its arguable that it was Hex that improved the show or made it more appealing to a larger audience since in all fairness the show was growing a larger audience irrespective of who the hosts were.

          Now Hex did great work with the show steering it with Bajo and the others to where it is today don’t get me wrong but it just didn’t appeal as much to those who were fans of Junglist and the way the tone changed when he left.

        • A lot of people were upset that they dumped Junglist as well. I think also, that lineup change coincided with a change in the direction and feel of the show.

          Though sadly I’m sure there’s a segment of the audience for which you’re exactly right as well.

          • For me it was the suddenness of the change. One week it was Bajo and Jung and the next is was Bajo and Hex. For me at the time it was jarring. I got over it in time and as the chemistry between Bajo and Hex got better and better. I still missed the “best mates” vibe i got when Junglist was still on the show.

          • That was basically the crux of it his sudden removal.

            I said back then and stand by it now that if they eased in the transition of Hex and Junglist then it wouldn’t of nearly had as much of an uproar.

            And not to take anything away from Bajo’s great work but at that time if it was him leaving it wouldn’t of been as bad either. A shame but not as bad.

        • Sounds like a reply from someone who really wasn’t around for the changes..

          Here’s the thing. It’s about chemistry and the drama with Junglist “leaving” both are the biggest points as to why there’s still some bad blood from some fans to Hex.

          Junglist suddenly leaving the show was filled with a lot of drama and speculation of he said and the corporation said. Whether you believe it was because ABC was “diversifying” or Jung wasn’t pulling his weight anymore lines were drawn on the sand that still hurt to some folks to this day which will affect how a person feels about Hex.

          The other thing is the obvious change in dynamics when you change hosts. Jung and Bajo had been a staple of the show since season 2 and the dynamics between the 2 would be completely different when Hex came in (and Hex was obviously nervous on her first season as can be seen by how she carried herself on those early days and latter seasons) and this dynamic change will not be everyones cup of tea especially when you already have an expected dynamic between long time hosts. Again this will rub people the wrong way and just move on..

      • Me too. I thought Hex did an excellent job. I really wish people would keep their negative opinions to themselves. It accomplishes nothing but spread yucky vibes and makes us all feel shitty.

      • I completely agree and was in the same position. I only watched it during the Hex-Bajo era first and I liked their work. I went back later to watch one or two of the earlier episodes and I felt that the newer pairing was a much better fit and format.

        While not relating to ‘all’ complaints (I’m sure a lot also just simply liked or grew fond of the original format or host pairing), I do believe some of the complaints are based on gender though (and self-awareness isn’t a requirement for that). Having completed a major uni essay on gender issues within gaming culture earlier in the year, I can honestly say there are quite a lot of toxic attitudes within the gaming community.

    • I agree. I mean the male side of me was happy with hex cause she is quite attractive but what killed it for me was when she said she used the arrow keys for PV FPS days, they died worth quake 1 and the mouse mod

  • Extremely ungrateful he is. Many people would kill to be on Good Game and he just quits it not showing much appreciation. Bah

    • He’s worked there 11 years. That’s a lot of time to give to one thing. Don’t know that I’d call it “ungrateful”.

    • Is that you Yoda?

      BTW He seemed totally grateful on his stream last night, so don’t know where you got that notion from?

    • If working somewhere for 11yrs and being incredibly humble and thankful in his resignation is ungrateful then I guess I’m the most ungrateful person on earth as I’ve had 4 jobs in 11yrs and didn’t so much as hesitate when resigning to move on. Jees

    • I understand where you’re coming from but 11 years is long enough. If he wants to move on it opens the door for other ppl, so it’s actually the best thing he can do.

    • It’s the ABC they don’t pay much so it has always been used as a stepping stone or as a career sander. Look at the list of now celebrities that used to be on play school.

      • I have no idea where the fuck these people get their sense of entitlement from. I bet that 90% of them would wilt if they received such a a sustained barrage of negativity from random public members who don’t even know them.

    • Yup. This is a story about Bajo. A guy who has worked in one place as long as I’ve worked in four.

      And yet you can almost time it in milliseconds how long it takes someone to associate anything Good Game with the quintessential “Hex ruined it because everything is about feminism these days and she’s the devil but I’m not a sexist because of reasons” post.

  • Can completely understand this move. I think it was short sighted of the ABC to cancel Good Game, and while I was glad they kept Spawn Point, it made me think the ABC still prescribes to the antiquated notion that video games are for babies.

    Good luck Bajo!

  • It was a very lovely heartwarming/breaking bajostream last night with lots of tears from everyone (mostly from Bajo who seemed entirely grateful for his years at GG). Anyone who says otherwise can stick it. In my opinion, it was a brave move for Bajo to leave the ABC (though as he said last night, he hasn’t really left the ABC, just GG SP – he will still be on Whovians and other things) and I commend him for doing so. It’s incredibly hard to leave any secure job let alone one that you have been doing for so long, and one that you love and have made amazing friends doing. So I am sure this was a difficult choice for him to make.

    But, he seems to be pursuing his passion and trying new things. And he has an awesome community behind him, and I hope this decision will afford him many more opportunities.

    But selfishly, I am just looking forward to his many many twitch streams that are coming up now! ;D

  • The Bajo/Hex years were the best ones.
    The Hex hate came from people who didn’t like that they were sexually attracted to someone who knew her games stuff. For some reason that bred insecurity.

  • We will miss you Bajo. I mean we’ve had a lot of fun over the last 11 years how you and Junglist we’re hanging out with each other and even launching a segment called Ask Good Game where we can ask you some gaming questions and that you and Junglist will do what you can to answer those questions we send into you. But now that Good Game has been officially cancelled. I guess this mean goodbye to you. Thank you so much for your appreciative support and thank you for sending me out The Good Game gamer’s guide to good gaming. Enjoy your livestream on Twitch Bajo and we’ll see you again soon.

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