Battlefront 2 Compared On The PC, PS4 Pro And Xbox One X

Battlefront 2 Compared On The PC, PS4 Pro And Xbox One X

There’s plenty of reasons to be angry at Star Wars: Battlefront 2, many of which we’ve covered over the past week. Image quality, fortunately, is not one of them.

Digital Foundry’s breakdown of Battlefront 2 across the PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and PC versions shook out the way you’d expect: PC can push things the furthest, followed by the Xbox One X, and then the PS4 Pro.

More specifically, the analysis found that the Xbox One X had the same textures as the PC’s highest settings, as well as a higher ambient occlusion over the PS4 Pro build. There was an unusual quirk with texture streaming – basically leaving lower quality textures in place at distance – but once everything’s loaded, that quirk went away.

As for the Xbox One X versus the PC, some of the most noticeable changes included more foliage in rural environments and a longer draw distance. Shadows are also filtered more nicely on the PC, and rendered at vastly higher resolutions. It’s actually very noticeable if you’re looking for it, but as is the case with real life, most people don’t spend their time looking at the ground.

So in short: the Xbox One X downsamples from a higher resolution than the PS4 Pro. Weirdly, there are some instances where you get a marginal 1-2 FPS drop on the Xbox One X, although it’s so minimal that you’d never take that trade off against the bump in resolution that the Xbox One X offers.

The one kicker is that neither of the consoles have a specific mode that favours performance over quality, such as games like Shadow of War. But you get a relatively stable 60 FPS on both consoles regardless, and the presentation is top notch.


  • bahaha your including the pc now in with the comparisons. You never used to do this. How about just a comparison between just the Xbox and Playstation.. Still on the Playstation ad binge honeymoon. Pc is always going to win that game. You know i never used to be much of a fanboy but your disingenuous reporting is slowly turning me into one. a console to console matchup is probably more in line with honest journalism. Kotaku you used to be a good site.

    • The point of throwing PC in there is so you can see what settings have been brought across, and what the compromises/similarities are. There’s nothing disingenous with comparing multiple versions of the same game, and it’s certainly not dishonest.

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