Battlefront II Brings Back Star Wars' Most Iconic Character: Bossk

The Star Wars Battlefront II trial is available to EA Access players, which means we get the chance to run through the multiplayer as Bossk, the famous bounty hunter who is certainly not scum!

That's right. Because someone demanded it (was it you?) Bossk has returned for this sequel.

Battlefront II's multiplayer allows players to access hero characters after gathering enough points to spend. In most cases, this means playing as lightsaber wielding villains like Darth Vader or Kylo Ren.

If that sounds boring, you can also spend your points to play as Bossk, the god among lizard people. He's a carry over from 2015 Battlefront's DLC and 100 per cent the best character in the game.

If you're unfamiliar with Bossk, that's ok. He's a giant lizard bounty hunter who appeared for one scene in The Empire Strikes Back. In the original expanded universe, he was a bit of a dope.

Books like K.W. Jeter's The Bounty Hunter Wars trilogy portrayed him as tough but too clever by half while the Shadow of the Empire comic had him chase down Boba Fett and try to steal the carbonite-frozen Han Solo. Fun fact: his dad's name in the old lore was Cradossk and he was also a big idiot too.

I'm pretty sure Bossk is a bigger deal in the new canon timeline but I'm an expanded universe purist and way too busy to watch Clone Wars and Rebels.

Bossk plays like a beefier assault trooper, packing an arsenal of poison gas, scatter grenades, and a powerful blaster. That sounds a little boring compared to lightsabers and Force lightning but he also has a special ability that lets him freak the fuck out out and go into some type of screwed up Predator mode with heat vision and a rapid fire grenade launcher. It's bonkers and I love it.

Star Wars is full of iconic characters like Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett. I have no damn clue how Bossk made it into the roster of hero characters available for the game's launch but I'm glad here's there. Lizard people need love too.


    "Most iconic character"?

    Are we all sure about this?

      I don’t recognise a single character from that image you posted.
      IS it a stranger things poster?

        It's an outline of Vader, rendered against a backdrop of Endor, with an AT-ST walking through the forest.

        The artist is Olly Moss. His work is exceptional. Look at the rest of his Star Wars reimagined movie posters, or Harry Potter, or any of his work, really.

    Most iconic? As a writer, you should be well aware that sarcasm does not translate well in the written word.

    Hey may not be iconic, but god damn he was fun in the last Battlefront

    Bossk is one of my favourite characters, he's done well in the EU

    Finally, a hero who has the decency to remove his shoes.

    Good manners are their own reward.

    Would love if they put in Qui-gon Jinn in

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