Battlegrounds’ Hackers Getting Roughed Up In Net Cafes

Battlegrounds’ Hackers Getting Roughed Up In Net Cafes

Hackers can really ruin the experience for everyone. Recently, clips have been surfacing of people not exactly pleased when they see fellow players using speed hacks in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Warning: The clips below contain physical violence.

Speed hacks make it possible for cheaters to move so quickly that they’re impossible to track.

The clips below originated on Chinese language video sites: [Via r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS]

[via Hachima]

Playing against cheaters sucks, but physical violence is never the answer. Bluehole fixing this is.

Watching PUBG Speed Hackers Get Wrecked Is Extremely Satisfying

They gotta go fast. You gotta be even faster to stop them.

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  • I know “violence isn’t the answer” but how else are you meant to get the message across to a generation whom believe they can get away with anything they want on a computer?

    • It’s a game. A game. Anyone that gets this upset over a video game doesn’t have a problem with cheaters…. they have a problem with anger.

      • Politics is a game, an adults game. Anyone who gets upset about politics doesn’t have a problem with politics…. they have a problem with anger.

        • That is possibly the lamest comparison anyone could have come up with. Politics actually affects people’s lives. Games don’t.

          • try telling that to people who make a ”living” from streaming and playing video games.

            same could be said for sports – especially amateur sports – ”hackers” use performance enhancing drugs and aren’t tested because they’re not professionals.. is that fair to other amateurs who want to have ”fun”?

  • Always wished Steam was much more strict with cheaters. Using an in game bug as an exploit should be a temp ban, few days first offence, a week 2nd. Using an external cheat program to cheat in a game, when it is proven 100% they did it, should permanently lost their account.
    May make people think twice if they lose access to everything on the account.

    • except most of the asian game cafes the users don’t have permanent ‘steam’ of other accounts.. you go in, pay your money for an hour or whatever of gaming and play. some cafes offer cheats so you can be invulnerable, have more ”fun” in your time limit. if the account is banned no one cares, cafe buys another 100 accounts for cheap LEGALLY and repeats.

      especially as asian culture is all for “getting away with what you can, until you get caught” – no one gives a fat one about it, whether it be games or business.

  • i agree violence is not the right response but in the real world if you got caught cheating in a competitive social match with strangers of soccer or boxing or racing or poker etc , the other guys would run you outer there after they rough u up abit (or alot).

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