Billionaire Jack Ma Stars In A Martial Arts Short Film

[GIF: Jet Li | Facebook]

Worth over $US47 ($62) billion, Jack Ma is the richest man in Asia. He's the 18th richest one in the world. He's also making his martial arts movie debut.

Titled Gong Shou Dao (The Art of Attack and Defence), the 20-plus minute short film is being shown in full for free online. As Asia One points out, longtime tai chi practitioner Ma uses the martial art to take on famed stars Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Sammo Hung Kam-bo, Tony Jaa and retired sumo champion Asashoryu.

The short also features choreography from three iconic martial arts movie choreographers: Sammo Hung (Ip Man movies), Ching Siu-tung (Swordsman) and Yuen Wooping (The Matrix, Kill Bill).

"This is the story of my good friend Jack Ma as a Taiji Master," Jet Li wrote on Facebook. "I am also the Executive Producer for this short film."

According to Li (via China Daily), Ma spent 12 hours a day for 12 days to complete the film, only leaving set once to go meet with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto.

Seems like a vanity project, sure, but as far as vanity projects go, at least it doesn't take itself too seriously.


    That's awesome. He apparently even sings the theme song. This is exactly the kind of idiocy I'd get up to if I had way too much money.

    idk wtf I just watched but to be fair Ma is a practitioner of a more martial tai chi so it's not like he's making stuff up.

    I'm mildly surprised how many masters he got to participate in this short film and Faye Wong for end theme as well!

      Fair to say the cost might explain how he managed to rope in so many.

      Bloody riot though, Donnie Yen playing his Ip Man role as far as I can tell, love it!

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