Blizzard Announces World Of Warcraft Classic

Move over, Nostalrius - Blizzard is making its own classic servers for World of Warcraft, called World of Warcraft Classic.

"We're committed to making an authentic, Blizzard-quality classic experience," Blizzard said during their Blizzcon keynote, promising that these new classic servers will take some time before they're ready. So, uh, be patient.

Fans had been asking Blizzard for a vanilla version of World of Warcraft for several years now, and for a while, they all played on unofficial versions. In 2016, Blizzard shut down the most popular classic server, Nostalrius, causing widespread anger among World of Warcraft fans who missed the game they were playing 10 years ago.

World Of Warcraft's Most Popular Legacy Server Is Returning

Shortly before BlizzCon, the people behind recently shut down World of Warcraft legacy server Nostalrius put Blizzard on notice. "If Blizzard doesn't make an announcement to honour their own core values, be sure that we will," they wrote. BlizzCon's come and gone, and true to their word, the Nostalrius folks made a big announcement. They're bringing it back.

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Popular World Of Warcraft Legacy Community Shutting Down Again To Avoid Being A 'Pirate Server'

What goes up must come down. This indelible law of nature applies to precisely two things. Gravity, which you may have heard of, and World of Warcraft legacy server Nostalrius.

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Other unofficial classic servers have popped back up since then, but this marks the first time that Blizzard is taking on an official version of the project.


    You pack of dogs, "You think you do, but you don't" indeed eh?
    ....Yes I'll be a schlub and sub. You'll get mine and others money, but you could have had it so much sooner if not for your stubbornness.
    See you online in all its vanilla glory.

    Where are the usual kotaku trolls who **** all over classic WoW posts now? lol.

    I look forward to remaking my Vanilla Feral Druid and being forced to heal through raids.
    It's gonna be glorious.

      Are those the pants?


          The healing pants? (zinwrath reference using vanilla WoW just in case this is going completely overhead)

            What the hell does it matter? Yeah, these are the healing pants. (What Vanilla WoW player doesn't know Illegal Danish? :P)

    I hope this thrives. As a successful Classic server would spawn a chance at a Burning Crusade server, then a Wrath of the Lich King server, etc. It would be nice to go back to older versions of other expansions and enjoy those instead of just skipping through them like I do these days.

      Someone suggested having seasons like in Diablo where you could start on vanilla and after a year it upgrades to BC with all the events that went along with it and then the same thing for WOTLK.

      It will never happen but being able to relive those one off events would be awesome. I would love to do the AQ opening one last time.

        I dont think we will be seeing that for a couple of years. All they have announced so far is that they are looking at how to do Vanilla. Nothing has actually been done yet.

    This.............might actually get me back into WoW????

    Guess I better roll a Warrior because that was the only viable tank. What was it, priest for heals, mage for dps?

    Will be great seeing those Holy Paladins running around in cloth gear.

    How many rose tinted glasses will shatter? I liked Vanilla...but I played a mage.

      Yeah good luck to anyone wanting level on a warrior.

        Yeah I remember that being pretty gruelling. But Prot Warrior was the business!!

      Any offspec was called Dirty, they were not viable for the role. No dps plate, Prot Warrior was the only tank. no ferals, no boomkins, no shadow priests, only one viable dps spec per pure dps...loot only reflected one spec per class too.

      Despite the nostalgia, Burning Crusade bought in so many improvements.

        Yep, I'd love a BC legacy server much more than a Classic one. BC/Wrath were the pinnacle of WoW for me, with my favorite being BC.

        Legion has gone pretty well but there's enough annoying stuff (*cough* RNG *cough*) to sour it a bit and drop it below Wrath in my eyes.

        BC was still pretty badly balanced with terrible ele shaman drops (my main at the time) with T5 dps set bonus that made a heal better... and also had way too much hit when they had over 12% from talents.

        Then some really crazy dps imbalances after BT.

    I remember just before BC we were doing repeatable quests in Silithus and looting Alliance “shammy crap” from MC bosses (before shammy chars became available to Alliance)

    Where's the love for my fellow world-killing Enhance Shammies!

    Also IMO WoW peaked at WotLK... Although Cata was good purely for the ability to fly in the old world haha

    Last edited 06/11/17 9:57 am

    Cannot wait to stun-lock people for hours as a rogue. The glory days.

      Man I remember the old dual mace Shadow Step Hemo days. Those mace stun procs were obnoxious. Shadow stepping between the towers in Alterac Valley.

    A lot of mixed emotions about this.
    Excitement and Nostalgia are up there, but if we step back for a moment, what about the reality of it?

    No flying, slow world travel, less conveniences that filtered it's way in throughout the expansions.

    Additionally there's no evolution, you'll be rooted on the spot without anywhere to go unless they have classic BC servers to move to

    And have you forgotten how long it took to grind and disunity of quest chains?

    Just food for thought, but still, bring it on

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