Cards Against Humanity Is Making Weird Chips Now

Cards Against Humanity Is Making Weird Chips Now
Image: Original Prongles

In what seems to be the game maker’s latest stunt – Cards Against Humanity are claiming to be hanging up their cards to get into the snack food industry. Complete with a delightfully annoying theme song.

Earlier this week images of Pringle-like chips appeared on social media.

They began popping up in American Target stores and discerning shoppers quickly realised that something was a little… off. ‘Salt and Potato’ and ‘Onions Cream’ aren’t exactly the most normal sounding flavours after all.

After doing some digging, it was discovered that beneath the label was a second one that read ‘The Good Crisp Company’. Quite avert ‘CAH’ labels can also be clearly seen on the front of the cans.

Image: Imgur

One image of a receipt for the chips reveals that it scanned up as ‘CAH CARD GAM’.

Image: Imgur

Despite days of speculation and knowing that the Cards Against Humanity team had something to do with the mystery, it wasn’t until today that an ‘official’ annoucement was made on Twitter.

Along with ‘confirmation’ from Cards Against Humanity employees:

In addition to Original Prongles site now being live, the Cards Against Humanity site now also redirects there. The site is aggressively bright and immediately assaults you auditorially with the Original Prongles jingle. As an added twist, if you try to turn the on-site volume down, it just makes it louder. There is now mute option.

One of my favourite parts is where you can vote for the next Prongles flavour.

Image: Kotaku Australia

Sadly you can’t currently buy any Original Prongles, as they seem to be sold out.

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    • Not according to the FAQ on the site:

      Q: Do any surprises come in the can of Prongles?
      A: The only thing you get in each can is the fresh taste of potatoes and 100% white salt.

      Q: But are there actually Cards Against Humanity cards in the Prongles?
      A: No, we don’t make card games anymore.

      Q: If I buy Prongles expecting to get anything other than chips, will I be disappointed?
      A: We believe there’s nothing disappointing about the unforgettable crunch of Original Prongles.

    • It is just a can of Good Crisp Co crisps with a label wrapped around it and a sticker on the lid. No cards, decent crisps, novelty can.

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