Chrissy Teigen Reviews Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen, who is excellent at Twitter, is playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and has some thoughts about it.

[Image: chrissyteigen | Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp]

They are:

And this has been Chrissy Teigen's review of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.


    $120 on Leaf Tickets? Why?
    I'm currently sitting at level 42. I have never felt the urge to use my Leaf Tickets on anything bar the Tom Nook chair & K. K. Slider stool (and the mission requiring using Leaf Tickets that rewards you with more Leaf Tickets). With all the rewards you get, plus the weekly 'My Nintendo' resources you can get I've never been lacking anything.
    I have even spent $30 just to support a great game, but not to use.

    I loved the game when it came out, but I'm kinda on the same page she is, it just makes me want a full Animal Crossing game on the Switch. This game is like Animal Crossing, but so much more shallow, that it makes you miss the depth of the full games.

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