Civilization 6's First Expansion Is Coming Next Year

Borders will shift, cities will change loyalties and empires will rise or fall. The first expansion for Civilization 6, aptly titled Civilization 6: Rise and Fall will be released on February 8, 2018.

Releasing on February 8, 2018, Rise and Fall (re)introduces Golden and Dark Ages to the classic 4X series. Empires will expand to glory or crumble with new dynamic empires that mark the ebb and flow of history.

Historic moments will build towards Golden eras, which in turn impact the loyalty of cities. These moments are mini-achievements players can earn through actions like circumnavigating the globe or founding a religion.

There are also additional bonuses for alliances and new civilizations to play with.



    Suddenly I think it would have been awesome if someone had carved giant statues from mountains a few thousand years ago.

    Sean Bean dies again. Poor guy just can't catch a break.

    Maybe now they'll stop charging nearly $100 for the base game!


    I'll wait for a sale, same as for the new leaders.

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