Community Review: Black Friday

Community Review: Black Friday
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The day after Thanksgiving in America is known as Black Friday and on that day, stores go a little bit silly with their sales. We don’t have Thanksgiving but we do have cheap things. Whatever you think of the name, it’s more succinct than “that otherwise meaningless day where you can get cheap things.”

Name aside, a whole host of stores have been running ridiculous sales over the last week. It was inescapable.

More importantly, many of these sales are still on-going.

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As someone that has been doing the patient gamer thing for a while now, it was good to see a number of older titles that were on my radar such as Ori and the Blind Forest on sale. It was even better to see more recent releases like NieR: Automata and Horizon Zero Dawn available for around $30-$40.

I snagged all of those games up, and a handful more. Then I spent most of my weekend smashing robots with a giant sword. It was a good weekend.

How did you fare in the sales? Get any good bargains? Was there anything you’d hoped to see sold for a pittance that was resolutely sitting on the shelf at full price?


  • I picked up a new keyboard and mouse for slightly less than what I would have paid the week before or after this sale so that’s a bonus.

    I avoided game sales almost completely, the backlog of games I have from just this year, 2017, is already absurd so picking up games for dollars I was kind of interested back in 2016 had to slide, picking up games from 2017 for some rather reasonable prices like Prey for under $30 also got avoided because by the time I get around to them they will be cheaper again. 2018 going to be a test, more than likely going to have to come to terms with seeing games I like that I’ll never play.

  • Traded in an old phone and my PS4 for the EB PS4 Pro bundle. Very glad I did because Now I’m playing through games in glorius 4K. Also picked up Uncharted: Lost Legacy and Gran Turismo Sport for $52. The holidays I’m going to be going through all these single player games that I’ve recently got/haven’t played. Going to smash through that back log

  • Uncharted: Lost Legacy for $20 from Big-W. Propellerhead’s Reason 10 DAW software upgrade for US$99 (around AU$130), Wolfenstein II for US$25.50 and Assassin’s Creed Origins for US$42.32 from Green Man Gaming (about AU$90, total). Also a pair of Asics Gel Kayano 24 Running shoes for $186 ($64 below retail) from Catch.

    I’m happy, and very well entertained. 🙂

  • We’re an Xbox household though this Xmas the kids playroom is getting a PS4. Big W had the white one on special got That 3 extra controllers and a couple of cheap Uncharted games ($20 ea) and Ark Survival Evolved all going under the tree (which isn’t up yet so instead its well hidden)

    I rocked up to the BigW Friday morning a bit after 8 (when the open) and already two women were walking or the store with PS4’s under their arm. I’m guessing it was a popular item At $279 it was certainly as cheap as is ever seen it

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