Community Review: Call of Duty WW2

Community Review: Call of Duty WW2

Call of Duty might have gone back to the Second World War this year, but let’s be real: it’s still a Call of Duty game.

This year, Sledgehammer and Activision opted to take Call of Duty in a similar direction that DICE did with Battlefield 1.

Namely: these games started in World War 2. They got big by re-enacting huge battles from WW2. There were countless stories to tell from that era, countless heroic moments to relive. Why not do that again?

It’s not a complete return to the days of Call of Duty 1 and 2, mind you. Heather spent some time with the game before launch, and enjoyed the return of some classic gaming rifles: the M1 Garand (a Day of Defeat great), the BAR, and the best rifle to ever exist in a game, the Kar98K.

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I’m looking forward to spending some time with the campaign this week. I grew up playing thousands of hours in Call of Duty, whether it was in competitions for Modern Warfare 2, LAN servers for Call of Duty 4 or the game on my brother’s Xbox 360. It’s kind of a guilty pleasure franchise for me, something to unwind to, even though it’s not the same PC game it always used to be.

For those who picked up Call of Duty WW2 last week, how have you found it so far?


  • I’m enjoying it so far. About 5 missions into the campaign…some of it is very michael bay in terms of over the top. The hub is a kinda cool edition to MP. MP feels better now there’s no wall running and jetpacks.
    Zombies is my fav so far. Very dark and was a couple jump scares Haha!

  • Isn’t anyone sick of these games yet?
    Wow they have better graphics each annual cycle. Hooray.
    It is mournful that this stuff sells like it does.

    • I think this is why pubg has exploded. It’s different. Of course now everyone will just copy that, instead of coming up with new different ideas.

    • There’s not many FPS games that have decent campaign anymore, so no. In fact other than Wolfenstein I can’t think of one half decent campaign this year. They’re actually good games, its the steroetype of who plays Cod that makes it seems otherwise.

      What do you play that’s so different and special?

  • People can give shit to Cod, I have as well but the game has improved and taken a huge risk with this one and in my opinion they’ve scored. This game feels like a gunshot to the head of steroetypical Codster. No microtransactions either.

    Just buy the fucking thing, shut up and play.

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