Community Review: Xbox One X

We've had our say: now you have yours.

If you were lucky enough to have the latest gaming console delivered on time, or picked it up in-store, you've had about a week of updating, patching, playing and comparing games from the previous Xbox generation to the current liquid cooled model.

Time can be an incredible advantage. With the newer technology, the Xbox One X is quieter, a little smaller and more nicely designed than any of the PS4/Xbox offerings, although you're also paying a solid amount - $650 - for that benefit.

Mind you, it's worth pointing out that you get a box that can play some games at native 4K. I say some, because how hard each game pushes the hardware is really dependent on what they value most: some are happy to drop a few settings for maintain a flat 4K/30fps, while others drop the resolution down a tad to maintain the same frame rate with more visual effects. Each to their own, really.

Mark, myself and others have had our own to say about the performance, UI, backward compat performance and the games so far.

Xbox One X owners: what do you think? And those that were sitting on the fence, how are you feeling a week from the launch?


      Love it man makes non 4k games seem blurry to me now. Had some issues with external HDD and had like 8 games that needed 4k updates didn’t turn it off for 3 days just updating and transferring to internal HDD. If you got a 4k Tv it’s worth it. I mostly play multiplats anyway and I’ve always preferred the Xbox UI and controller I haven’t turned my pro on since April when I finished Horizon and doubt I’ll turn it on again until God of War or Days Gone, Sony May have more exclusives but they are always single player and they announce them 5years before they come out, looking forward to PubG. Creed looks amazing, gears looks amazing, played some WW2 looks good and prefer it to the modern stuff first COD I’ve owned since Blops1. Mordor looks awesome but haven’t put much time into it prob played Fortnite more than anything to be honest.

    I think the Xbox One-X is the new Sega 32X.
    Think about it.
    Both are upgrades to an existing platform - for lots of money
    A handful of 'enhanced' titles are available at launch.
    Almost no 'must have' exclusive launch titles. Actually that's wrong - the 32X had Virtua Racing Deluxe and Star Wars Arcade. Xbox One-X had.... nothing.

    It's... okay, I guess? The big problem for me is that, having spent most of this generation so far investing in PS4 games, I don't really have a lot of non-Forza titles to really show off the new unit.

    Forza 7 looks fantastic and runs beautifully, though, so there is that. I'll be curious to see how Horizon 3 handles when it gets its patch, too.

    Otherwise, though, it's got the same problems the standard XBone has: no compelling exclusives if you don't like Forza; the ongoing disaster that is the XBox One dashboard situation; the fact that most developers will build for the PS4 Pro first because that's where the audience is; a very limited selection of Japanese-developed games due to the console failing hard over there etc etc etc.

    I do like that it can run the Windows Store version of VLC, though. That's a nifty feature.

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    Didn't like:
    Ad filled dashboard
    Annoying UI
    Insanely large forced patch downloads
    No ability to play the game while waiting for the insanely large forced patch downloads
    Controller seems crappier than the old one

    Played 4K Blu-ray well
    Forza looked good, but not as good as I'd hoped
    Machine was small and quiet.

    I took mine back, Forza looked great, but GT looks very good on the PS4Pro, and while playing and not pixel peeping, I just didn't notice in game. The forced downloads and inability to play the game while the download was happening was a total dealbreaker.

    Going to stick with the PC (980Ti) and PS4Pro and skip the Xbox this time around.

      4K patch is optional, unless you want to play in 4k. They were also available before the x came out, so you could pre download them.

      Dude your post is not believable. You could have played Forza on your PC and if you play PC games the size of the games are just as large as the Xbox. Why would you waste your time writing such an article unless you are butthurt????

      Oh yeah, Ad filled dashboard was the big give away that your post was completely made up.

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    I've been extremely busy since my XBox One X arrived, so I haven't really had much time to look at it.

    Very brief first impressions: it's really small (it replaced my original XBox One so the size difference is very noticeable), there were updates (but that's not surprising), 4k Assassins Creed Origins looks amazing and I can't wait to spend some real time playing the game. I'll most likely default to playing new games on the One X to take advantage of the better hardware.

    It's a proper 4k system unlike the pathetic PS4 Pro. The content just isn't there yet to justify the purchase price.

      Neither consoles are true 4K systems though, a proper 4K system would be able to run every game at 4K (which both consoles cannot). It's the main reason why I haven't bothered to upgrade both my standard PS4 and Xbox One S. I'd rather save my money for the next gen of consoles in a few years time. All I know is that I'm looking forward to getting a Switch with both Mario Odyssey & Zelda BotW for Christmas.

      Ps4 Pro is great especially for the price and performance is great. $100 more for the xbox isn't much considering how its a quarter more powerful but no exclusives and shit UI makes it stupid.

    It works. Not much else I can say. If I didn't have to have all the toys I wouldn't have purchased it. 4K blurays look nice at least ;)

    Really happy with the machine itself (despite how it may sound below), but the 'hangover' irritations from the xbox ecosystem persist such as;

    OS updates that force you out of the game you're playing
    UI - filled with ads or content I just don't care about. I can find a stream by someone I could care less about on the next tab to home, but to find a game prior to the last 1-2 I played I have to dig through menu's and lists.
    Apps/games that despite being set to auto-update, mysteriously require an update when you try to launch them.

    Said it before on these boards but pretty much all of the 360 dashboard still beat any of the XBone offerings so far.

    The one has been where I have done most of my gaming through this relatively new generation but I can understand why it's a hard sell for someone invested elsewhere. I have been 'desperate' to buy something to play on the thing but there's nothing at all that really grabs me; Forza, Gears and a multiplatform Ass Creed just leave me cold unfortunately. Star Wars has been lootboxed to death and as pretty as the witcher 3 is, the extra layer of paint isn't enough to tempt me back to it (yet). It's pretty much as every preview said, great(ish) system with little in the way of games that aren't multiplatform/available elsewhere.

    Also noticed that the controller feels really cheap in comparison - use an elite normally which doesn't help, but compared the One X pad to the controller that came with my original One and it definitely feels of lesser quality.

      The damn controller is such cheap plastic, it feels like a $25 toy.

    The X1X is the first console that I've been truly impressed with. At no point did I really feel like I was playing a 'compromised' experience like I usually get playing consoles rather than playing on PC. Even older and backward compatible games look much nicer due to the system wide anisotropic filtering, and BC titles like Reach & GoW Judgement run really smooth with no hiccups like most late last gen titles do, now as well.

    I have a Project Scorpio edition so it may be different, but the controller feels well put together, and I love the new texturing on the grips.

    Also, all you guys downloading everything, I personally just backed my games up to a USB drive and moved them over.

    Lastly, a $20 dev account later, and I've been able to turn my X1X into a Retro Emulation system with Nes, Snes, PSX, and NeoGeo fairly easily as well.

    If you can afford only one console, a PS4 Pro is still probably on your shopping list just due to having the Japanese game exclusives. But by golly the X1X is the best console I've ever touched.

    (P.S> with the new UI, you can delete many of the 'window pages'. And once you pin all your apps and games to the pin menu, everything is only one swipe away. In this guise, the PS UI can't touch it.

    I think it’s really directed at the Xbox fan, having upgraded from my original Xbox one day one release to a project Scorpio it’s fantastic but the reality is it’s a lot of cash for essentially the same generation. Exclusive or not both the x and pro remain entrenched in 5yr old current generation. I think consoles allow gamers casual or avid to game at an affordable cost, the truest of gamers will always lean to pc to keep them at the forefront of cutting edge.
    Consoles will remain relevant because of the price point I think we consum r get carrried away by their limitations and short coming yet few of us(myself included) would drop the sort of cash that would gives the machine dreams are made off.
    I love Xbox always will, but that is because I am a die hard fan that overlooks it’s short comings.
    There are things I love about pc and Sony but don’t find the need so great to have all three.
    Right now my project Scorpio coupled with an lg 4K makes gaming has good as it gets but for how long remains to be seen?

    Best paired with a 4K TV and games to support it - so basically same story as the PS4 Pro, except a much more powerful console. If you care about the PS4 exclusives then it isn't compelling but I think multiplatform games will ultimately perform or look the best on the X1X for this console generation.

    I’ve had it since Tuesday. Upgraded from Xbox One S.

    TBH, after playing a bunch of Gears of War 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider on both systems I think I prefer developers focus on higher frame rates not higher resolution.

    You do notice the 4K jump when you stop and look (and sit close to the TV) but not during normal gameplay. However, you do notice high frame rate all the time.

    Best: HALO 5 looks bloody amazing. Fallout 3 patch also impressive for its age. Load times in general are noticeably shorter.

    Main negative is the HDD is too small. 1TB will fill up soon enough.

    Picked up the project scorpio edition it's un opened under my bed waiting for something worth playing on it

    My favourite part of all this is:

    Vast majority of people have no idea wtf Game Mode on their TV is, therefore they run it in standard mode, which includes 4K upscaling. Go on, do a side by side test with upscaled One S, and a One X with upscaling turned off yet running 'native 4K'.

    IMO the biggest difference most plebs will see is the higher resolution textures, which ironically is the biggest complaint (huge patches).

      You can tell the difference by a long shot, but I am on an OLED 65inch, and you did say most.

    Upgraded from an Xbox One. Popped in a fresh copy of Gears 4 - a 103GB install. Wow...lucky I have decent cable. Still took all night....

    I farkin love it.

    My fave console since the Dreamcast.
    It adds pixie dust to every game you pop into it.

    So many "Holy $hit" playing games recently. Plus it plays 4k Blu Rays which are incredible!!

    An amazing machine and well done MS

    I have always been a Sony girl but the OneS looked attractive so I decided to give Xbox a shot.

    I love it. I upgraded to the OneX this week (also have a PS4 Pro) and I love that the backwards compat games look much nicer and play way smoother. I've noticed the native 4K a step up from what I'm usually seeing on the Pro with it's checkerboard - I know they both will be doing checkerboard upscaling but doing it from 1440p and 1800p provides obvious better results if you have the TV for it. (and those faster load times!)

    Love the controller more as well and the Dolby Atmos for headphones. So far I've played Super Lucky's Tale, Halo 5, Forza, Titanfall 2, and Tomb Raider. I gotta say they all look fantastic.

    Way better than what my i5 7600K + RX 580 8GB GPU rig can push out. I think that's pretty good considering if you add the price of that CPU and GPU - you've pretty much got yourself the cash for an Xbox One X which like the RX card supports Freesync if you want to go that way.

    It's a bargain in my eyes. I have no need to spend more money and play on my noisy fan whirring PC anymore.

    I'll still be playing the PS4 Pro for exclusives, mainly The Last of Us Part 2.

    Slightly off topic, but I can't help but keep getting distracted as I read, by the side ads for PS4 Pro! Nice Touch!

    Totally a console gamer, and if you are, theres nothing hotter than this product. The games are stunning, the system is super quiet. Everything is fast. New design your dashboard (though on the Xbox one S), fantastic, can pin your friends to home screen.

    I got carried away and have a stack of new games to play. AC: Origins, stunning, even in 30fps. I have chosen personally to stick with resolution over FPS as with my TV you can just see everything and can easily notice the difference.

    I think it's great MS delivered this console for the console gamers that just don't want to go near a PC, and have to say they delivered in spades.

    5 days later my xbox one x stop working no power. Returned it to eb games they refused to exchanged it, have to send it off to microsoft. Very angry!!!!Anyone else had same issue?

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