Comparing The Different Versions Of Skyrim

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This week, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim comes to the Nintendo Switch. It will join previous releases on PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4. Above are only three of the versions, but let's see how all of them stack up.

Which version do you think is the best? (Hint: PC.)


    I must play Skyrim someday...

      Their next port is for fridges, toasters and washing machines. Next year it's going to be coming to 2000-era flip-phones.

        Soon they will get Skyrim to be played within Doom and same in reverse.

    Which version do you think is the best?

    Switch because I can play it at work.

      If you've got 200+ spare hours at work then you'll probably be made redundant soon, in which case you can play the PC version at home :P

        Play it for 30 minutes during lunch each day and you'll be finished in about 2 years :-D

          Pfft who can play Skyrim in 30 minute sessions? It's like Pringles - once you pop you can't stop! :P

    Switch port is pretty good all things considered!

    PC simply because of modding. The base experience feels too streamlined for my liking personally.

    So the blood has been taken out of the Switch version?

    That's actually great news as my son really wants to play this.

      Blood or not, you're still hitting people with the axe.

      At least with the blood there is a clearer idea of the consequences of your actions.

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