DC Comics Has Suspended Editor Eddie Berganza Amidst Allegations Of Sexual Harassment

DC Comics Has Suspended Editor Eddie Berganza Amidst Allegations Of Sexual Harassment

Image: DC Comics

Last week, BuzzFeed News published the accounts of multiple women who alleged that they were sexually harassed by DC comics group editor Eddie Berganza while working for the publisher. Over the weekend, DC acknowledged the accusations being leveled against Berganza and made it’s first official statement.

According to an email sent out on Saturday afternoon, DC has suspended Berganza and is now launching a formal investigation into his behaviour.

Said DC:

DC Entertainment has immediately suspended Mr. Berganza and has removed him from performing his duties as Group Editor at DC Comics. There will be a prompt and yet careful review into next steps as it relates to the allegations against him, and the concerns our talent, employees and fans have shared. DC continues to be extremely committed to creating a safe and secure working environment for our employees and everyone involved in the creation of our comic books.

io9 reached out to DC when BuzzFeed’s report was initially published on Friday and asked whether any steps were being taken to address the claims that the company had knowingly ignored Berganza’s behaviour even after a number of employees filed a formal complaint to their Human Resources department.

Said DC then before today’s most recent developments:

“DC and WB are unequivocally committed to cultivating a work environment of dignity and respect, one that is safe and harassment free for all employees. We take all claims of harassment very seriously and investigate them promptly. Employees found in violation of the policies are dealt with swiftly and decisively, and subject to disciplinary actions and consequences.”

DC’s statement comes after a waves of backlash and criticism at the company for taking so long to respond to the allegations about Berganza that have been the subject of discussion for many years now.

Former editor Liz Gehrlein Marsham has gone on the record describing how Berganza forced herself on her physically, kissing her and trying to grope her body. Marsham, who was new to the company where Berganza had worked for many years, felt as if she was not safe working at DC.

As a group editor with oversight of some of DC’s major comics like Superman and Wonder Woman, Berganza had regular interactions with writers, artists, and other editors attached to those books. Because of the nature of how DC structures the teams and leadership behind its titles, working on any of them meant working with Berganza.

This story is ongoing and will be updated as necessary.


  • You know it’s like every second week somthing like this happens and to be frank I’m honestly beginning to think its all a load of crap just to ruin someone’s career….yes I know how it sounds but come on you can’t say it does not seem a bit coincidental that this has been happening alot this year( and don’t try to say people don’t lie about this kind of stuff because they do).

    • Theres new accusations everyday. College campuses in the U.S. are rampant with false rape and sexual assault allegations. Theres too many for it to be a coincidence. Seems allegations without proof are enough to ruin someone now. So much for innocent until proven guilty.

    • I can see how people are more than likely going to downvote and talk down to you like all buggery, but I can see your point. It’s almost daily that there’s an accusation put at someone in management or special role. It’s almost like it’s the ultimate weapon to destroy someone’s career.

      There are plenty of victims of sexual assault out there and it’s good to see them coming out and giving their assaulter their due, but at the same time you know there is going to be some element out there that are going to use it for personal gain. The more accusations made, the higher chance that soon enough every accusation will be treated as truth without needing to be verified or investigated. It’s at that stage that the people who seek personal advancement or revenge will begin to surge.

      • That is exactly my point and the shitty part is in most cases the ‘victim’ tends to be belived ( even if there is no oroof what so ever) over the ‘predator’ especially if the ‘predator’ is a higher up ( manager and such) hell in some cases if it gets proverd the guy is not guilty they sometimes stay listed as a sexual predator despite otherwise its pathetic.

        And I’m not saying this to demean victims of sexual assault but it is very VERY bias and it will continue like this till people stop being degenerates, and we all know THAT won’t happen any time soon.

      • Or you know, Given that the issue is in the spotlight. Victims now feel empowered to come out about what happened to them? The victims have seen how outraged people are about what people have done so they feel like they will be helped and supported.

        • That’s all well and good, but as with most good meaning movements online, there is always going to be that element that is going to “jump on the bandwagon” for their own personal gain. As public perception moves towards “all males are evil sexual predators” due to these events, the eventuality is that someone is going to see it as a chance for revenge or a chance to gain without question.

          I’ve got nothing against any woman who comes out with their story as we should be addressing them on a case by case basis, but it’s the speed at which they are coming out and how some stories have been vague as pea-soup fog has me worried that we are heading towards the “court of public opinion” being used as a witch hunt.

    • Have a look at what Maureen O’Hara said about her experience in Hollywood back in 1945. It matches up with what is still happening now. It matches up with what every single female friend I’ve ever had has said about their dealings with men in positions of power. As for it ruining careers, women have been accusing men of doing stuff like this for decades and it’s only now after the Harvey Weinstein stuff that people have begun to actually have any sort of meaningful repercussions. You might want to look back on just how many allegations people in the various industries have had levied at them in the past before you think this is some new thing to just destroy careers.

      • True to an extent but in this day and age the shitstorm that this guy is gonna go through ( even if he is proven innocent ) is gonna be bad, but let me ask you this would YOU hire a man that was charged with sexual assault (even if he was innocent) probably not, why? You would make your company look bad.

        • Well look at that. Updated info says this has been a recurring problem for years that has been ignored.
          It’s also a difficult to answer question as I’d need to see the history of accusation, what they were, etc.
          Probably not would be my best guess because that behavior needs to stop being ignored.

    • Ooor maybe it is all real and it’s only because women decided to finally speak up, encouraged by recent developments that all this crap is coming to light?

      Women have been quietly saying for years that there is a rape culture and when they finally decide to brave the stigma and face the shame, your conclusion is that most must be lying? Do you even realise that such is precisely the reigning attitude that discouraged women from speaking up?

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