DC Has Fired Editor Eddie Berganza Over Claims Of Sexual Harassment

Over the weekend, DC Comics suspended group editor Eddie Berganza after BuzzFeed published a report with interviews from multiple women accusing Berganza of having sexually harassed them while working for the comics publisher. Today, DC announced that it had officially let Berganza go.

Image: DC Comics

According to BuzzFeed, DC put out a statement insisting that they were "committed to eradicating harassment", echoing a similar sentiment they put out over the weekend.

Said DC:

Warner Bros and DC Entertainment have terminated the employment of DC Comics Group Editor Eddie Berganza. We are committed to eradicating harassment and ensuring that all employees, as well as our freelance community, are aware of our policies, are comfortable reporting any concerns and feel supported by our Company.

Berganza's suspension and subsequent firing from DC came after years of multiple publications reporting on numerous instances of people from within the industry speaking out publicly against him and DC for choosing to continue his employment. In the BuzzFeed report, multiple former DC employees described having brought their complaints to the company's HR department, only for their concerns to be seemingly ignored and/or dismissed while Berganza remained employed.


    Ignored the problem for years eh? A shame that dealing with these issues had to become 'fashionable' before being treated appropriately.

    I agree, the problem is that the system will now over correct itself (hysteresis) and guys will be getting let go because of a simple claim.

    Wow this is exactly what I was saying was gonna happen....heh won't it be funny if it turns out he is innocent and that DC us just trying to make him look bad due to the allegations against him.

    Does anyone else feel like this is seriously becoming a witch hunt at this point?
    no innocent until proven otherwise?
    A claim has been made against you, therefore fuck you, your life and your career and we hope you burn in hell!
    Dark times indeed...

      Pretty much, hell it's getting to the point where just saying the wrong thing will get you sued for some sort of harassment but then again America is pretty much screwed at this point witb all the sjw's and shit, hell California is fucked because that idiot that passing all of those fucked up laws.

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