DOOM Compared On The Switch, PC, PS4 And Xbox One

DOOM Compared On The Switch, PC, PS4 And Xbox One

GIF: ElAnalistaDeBits

If you’ve been wondering how the Switch’s iteration of DOOM holds up, here’s a direct comparison for you.

Spanish YouTuber ElAnalistaDeBits has taken a bunch of DOOM footage from the PC, PS4 and Xbox One and compared it with the Switch version, which is due out tomorrow.

In general, the difference between the versions is what you’d expect. The PC has the clearest and sharpest detail compared to the consoles – it’s running on a GTX 1080, so it should – whereas the Switch port is much blurrier, has less effects, harsher shadows, and less detail in general.

That said, it’s a pretty impressive effort nonetheless! If you want to get a clear indication of some of what’s missing, have a look at the gun model. Here’s the PC version:

DOOM Compared On The Switch, PC, PS4 And Xbox One

And on the Switch:

DOOM Compared On The Switch, PC, PS4 And Xbox One

There’s obvious differences, and the closer up you zoom and the more you look, the more downgrades you’ll find. But overall – and for something you’d be probably playing in handheld mode – it’s not a bad effort.

You can see the full comparison below. There’s no action sequences, unfortunately, so there’s no ability to see how much dynamic scaling might be present on the Switch when enemies are on screen or something like that. But it’ll give you an idea of what to expect, which helps.


  • I’ll be playing in portable when I eventually get it. The prospect walking around with stable 720p:30fps, or whatever configuration it ends up being, is fantastic.

    Even if you balk at the specs, it’s an impressive feat.

  • I normally shit on the Switch, but this isn’t too bad. I can recognise how much effort it likely took to make a game like Doom run on a mobile platform; however I still don’t believe that anyone should treat the Switch as competition to the Ps4 and Xbox 1. It is folly to sit there and treat it as anything other than a proof of concept that mobile gaming can be a thing if thought about in a much more open minded way.

    • I expect this must be coming from someone who has never owned a Switch. You are right on a way… It is no competition to the PS or XB. It is in a league of its own. PS and XB are too limited. Stuck in an entertainment cabinet that is usually unattended or in use by people who want to watch media not games. Switch can now Play Doom in decent enough quality! It can do so with me on public transport… On My lunch break. In bed. In the loo. Whilst I wait. XB and PS are far too vacant from life to compete… And you won’t understand until you own one. Proof of concept? Doom just made it come of age…

    • With 2 of the best games of the year (and all time according to I’d call it more than a proof of concept or folly.

      • Subjectively best games, I found both games boring. Mario has no sense of urgency and Zelda is nothing special.

        As I said, its a mobile platform. Any crossplatform game is going look worst on Switch. It is just amazing that Doom runs at all.

        • Nintendo games do have a certain gameplay charm/aesthetic that you either enjoy or don’t.
          if you dislike Zelda and Mario, then no wonder you don’t like the switch, I imagine you dislike Nintendo games in general, and the reason to own a Nintendo console is for Nintendo games.

          • I own a 3ds, but yeah the aesthetic really doesn’t do much for me. I enjoy immersive games these days and I just don’t get much from the styling.

            I think its impressive that they can get 30 frames out of Doom on the Switch, but the graphic differences are just too much for me to feel like the dynamic resolution does anything other than hurt multiplatform titles going forward. I feel like Nintendo wants to start getting more 3rd party multi plats on board, but the Switch is just not powerful ebough.

            The Switch is being stretched too thin in terms of what Nintendo want it to do.

    • no one is suggesting the switch can compare graphically to ps4/xboxone s. but to suggest it’s a proof of concept betrays that the you think graphics are the be all end all in gaming.

      The switch being portable is amazing and the AAA games released thus far are amazing.

    • I’m going to agree with you here. People who disparage the Switch when it comes to specs don’t realise that it is not mean to be a competitor to the other two. It’s like comparing meats for their protein value and laughing at how few the Switch has compared to the PS4 and XBOX… but the Switch is cake, not meat.

  • To be honest, I couldn’t see any difference between the console ports. And kudos to the developers for making it possible to run on the Switch. This only means that the Switch can handle other games such as Assassin’s creed, Call of Duty, etc. Only problem is the storage. Even a 256gb micro sd won’t be enough.

    • Ehh, it doesn’t really mean it can run those. Doom 2016 is probably one of the most well optimised games ever. OK slight exaggeration, but seriously how good it can look on weak hardware is way better than most games do, so the fact they had to downgrade it this much means something like asassins creed would look PS2 level (instead of PS3 level like here).

      Also surely you are joking you couldnt see the difference between the consoles, and im hoping you just mean xbox and PS4 because that was a very clear difference and the switch was very noticeable again down from the xbox.

  • Always at first when i see the nintendo switch stuff and am just like oh dear god thats gross, its like worse than PS3/xbox 360. But then im like well, PS3 games in a fully portable thing is quite impressive. At least im hoping this was in portable mode, if this was docked its gonna look pretty bad portable.

    I do kinda like the idea of the switch but sadly i cant say im ever gonna get one, i never played a zelda game when i was young (all about that mario and then PS1 games) and im just tired of Mario so basically 2 of the biggest draw cards of a nintendo console no longer tempt me. Then theres the fact that even when they get multiplatforms like doom here, i wont want to play them on it because i have an expensive PC and want them sweet graphics/high FPS.
    Im kinda sad about it, because i travel a lot so it would be fun to have but i literally just cant see anything i want to play.
    Similar situation for the 3DS, all i’d play is pokemon and i aint spending $200+ just for that. Is there a way to play 3DS/2DS games on nintendo switch? maybe if i could play all the titles from each on switch i’d be pretty tempted.

  • I honestly don’t understand why everyone cares so much about the graphics. Framerates i can understand but like if a game is fun to play and it runs smooth there’s no need to complain. I’m probably just saying this because i was never spoiled graphically, but seriously Nintendo didn’t have much to work with considering they were trying to take home console level games on a mobile platform and because of that some of their hardware most likely had to suffer to keep it lightweight and compact. I own this game, i played it. I loved it. If i want i can take it with me and play it wherever i go if i need to kill time. End of story.

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