Dragon Ball Super Has A Touching Message For Bulma's Voice Actress 

[Image: Dragon Ball Super]

At the end of this week's Dragon Ball Super episode, there was a short message memorializing Hiromi Tsuru, who passed away last week.

One of Tsuru's most famous roles was Dragon Ball character Bulma.

Bulma's Voice Actress Hiromi Tsuru Has Died

Yesterday evening, Hiromi Tsuru was discovered unconscious in a car on along the Shuto Expressway in Tokyo. The vehicle was stopped, the hazard lights were on, and Tsuru was still wearing her seatbelt.

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Here is the message that appeared on screen at the episode's conclusion:

In English, it reads:

Hiromi Tsuru, who voiced the Dragon Ball character Bulma for many years, has passed away.

From children to adults, Tsuru gave many people courage and happiness, and from the bottom of our hearts, we pray that she may rest in peace.

Heartfelt. Tsuru was only 57 — too young, and her death was too sudden.

Tsuru's last lines of dialogue of Bulma were in a recent episode in which she said, "Everyone, do your best! I'm counting on you all."


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