Famed Manga Artist Marries Cosplayer, Now Reportedly Sued By Ex-Fiancée 

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Last year, one of Japan's most famous cosplayers Nekomu Otogi, then 20 years old, announced that she was marrying 50-something year-old manga artist Kosuke Fujishima, best known for Oh My Goddess! and character designs for numerous Tales games. That's when things got complicated.

Otogi made the sudden and unexpected announcement on Twitter, adding that she was pregnant with Fujishima's child. At that time, Anime News Network reported that the announcement "caused a stir" among fans, who had dug up some flirty tweets between the two, including this drawing Fujishima did.

OK, whatever. People flirt, get married, have kids. No biggie!

But, around that same time, Afternoon News reported that he had a common-law wife with a kid with people claiming that they had met them at Fujishima's house.

Otogi is quoted as saying these were "all rumours," but now Nico Nico News (via Shukan Josei Prime) is reporting that Fujishima apparently was married and then got a divorce in 2014.

But, according to Nico Nico News, he was in another long-term relationship with a yet another woman who was waiting for him to get said divorce so that they could get married.

Via a friend, the fiancée reportedly said that when she was on a return flight from Tokyo, she received a message from Fujishima that he had cleaned out everything and would not be returning to their apartment. All the possessions were gone, Shukan Josei Prime adds, except for their two cats, which had been left behind.

Nine days later, it seems, Otogi announced that she and Fujishima were getting married.

Shukan Josei Prime approached Fujishima on the street about these allegations. He told the publication to contact his publisher Kodansha. (Full disclosure: My first book was published by Kodansha.) Upon doing so, the publisher told Shukan Josei Prime, "no comment."

According to Nico Nico News, the ex-fiancée brought a lawsuit against Fujishima for mental anguish last November, and it's moving through the Fukuoka district court.

Oh My Goddess!? Oh my goodness.


    I'm a little impressed he had the time to be doing all of this!

      The problem with harem manga is that there's bound to be someone who actually tries to set up such a situation. Who would've thought it'd be the artist of one of those manga.

    "Mental anguish" for breaking up with someone is a legit reason to sue now? Are you kidding me?

      Your lover strings you along and after pressure from you gets a divorce abandoning partner and kid, except your fifty year old potential life partner has been involved with a twenty year old on the side and now there is a child and he texts you saying you can keep the cats.

      Anywhere else, this ends in a domestic disturbance that gets turned into a film with Samuel L Jackson called out to investigate.

      No it's not, because that isn't even what happened, you're reducing the context.

        I'm basing the context on the content of the article. If there is more to it, please feel free to enlighten us. Otherwise, it is exactly what happened. He broke up with her by text, and had moved out whilst she was away.

        Sorry, but I've had ex's drug me (with hard stuff), string me along for ages and all sorts of other crap. If this is really all that happened, then my incredulity stands.

          Well you can't sue for mental anguish just because your boyfriend broke up with you, so there's that right off the bat.
          Long term relationship, one with shared living arrangements, possessions, pets, not to mention the love triangle, adultery etc
          So, fair to say a little bit more emotional and economic investment than a couple of a few months, in the eyes of the law.

          I'm sorry to hear about your own troubles, I'm here if you need to talk about it?

    Anime artist who worked on a popular story where there's multiple women interested in a single guy simultaneously is himself involved in some sort of love triangle with three women. This story is so anime I expect it to be turned into a series.

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