Fantastic D.Va Cosplay Is A Working Mech Suit

Most D.Va cosplay you see is someone wearing her jumpsuit. Which is fine, but Gryphon's Gears was having none of that, deciding to not just build her mech, but have it be able to walk around as well.

Cosplay by Gryphon's Gears

I'm going to assume he pulled up short of also adding in the ability to self-destruct if it takes too many knocks on a convention floor.

Here's some video of the mech in action:

And here are some photos of the suit:

Cosplay by Gryphon's Gears

Cosplay by Gryphon's Gears

Cosplay by Gryphon's Gears


    That is genuinely amazing..

    Last edited 18/11/17 11:11 pm

    I just can't work out the balance of it... I'm assuming his knee lines up with the mech's knee and his feet end were the 'backwards knee' is, but then his weight/balance is not through the mech's foot. Is it just perfectly counterbalanced with the cannons? Amazing

      Weta make a digitgrade leg that shows more or less how he's got this working.
      I think his legs are a lot less bent than they appear because of all the chunky armour on top of his knee and thigh. Probably still not something you'd want to be stomping around in for too long.

        Oh, that's neat. Yeah, I reckon you're right about the armour obscuring the leg angle. I still feel like I would fall ass-backwards if I tried to wear that. Though, at least there's several inches of plastic and padding to cushion the fall. Probably takes a bit of practice.

    You and me both.. I keep thinking man that has got to be bad for your back haha
    that's it i'm officially getting old

    its nice to see good cosplay that doesn't rely on showing ass and boobs.

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