Giant Ants Terrorise Teens In The Trailer For This Bonkers It Came From The Desert Movie Adaptation

It Came from the Desert, based on the Amiga game, is a movie about dumb motocross-racing teens getting attacked by giant ants and possibly fighting them off with bike tricks. I've never been sold on a movie so fast in my life.

Image: Roger! Pictures/Cinemaware

Created by director Marko Mäkilaakso (War of the Dead) and co-writers Hank Woon (Age of Dinosaurs) and Trent Haaga (68 Kill), It Came from the Desert is a knowingly ridiculous take on '50s monster movies such as Them!, borrowing its ideas and title from an old computer game.

The original, released for the Amiga computer system in 1989, was a savvy adventure game that put players in the shoes of a geologist in Nevada forced to contend with an insurgency of ants turned giant from radiation.

The movie adaptation, produced in concert with Cinemaware, the game's original publisher, dials all the monster movie cliches to 11. You have your screaming teens! Your horny flirtations interrupted by terrifying monsters! Aliens are involved! Ahh, ants!

Seriously, this rules. You can watch the trailer below. It Came from the Desert presently doesn't have a release date.

You can also watch someone play through the original game here, if you're so inclined. It's pretty cool.


    God I loved that game on the Amiga. Although this movie appears to have nothing in common with it other than the name and the basic idea of the giant ants. I wish they'd kept the game's 1950's B-movie setting.

    Makes me want an updates "It came from Red Alert" game. :(

    To save our mother Earth from any alien attack
    From vicious giant insects who have once again come back
    We'll unleash all our forces, we won't cut them any slack
    The EDF deploys!

    I'm getting flashbacks to "Tremors' and loving it

    It was New Mexico, not Nevada. I have 2 copies of the game for my Amiga, and a Cinemaware compilation for Windows, plus my father worked at Area 51 in the 70's and 80's so if it were in Nevada, I'd know! :D

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