Good Morning, Here's To The Moon's Sequel

To The Moon is a point-and-click adventure about travelling through a dying person's memories to help them fulfil their final wish. It's been a highly recommended game since its release in 2012 for those who like their point-and-click adventures on the heavy side of things - and in a few weeks, there's a sequel.

Titled Finding Paradise, the sequel carries on from the original with the same premise. You're still playing a pair of scientists helping people through their last moments, although you can check out Kirk's recap below for a deeper breakdown of the original.

To The Moon Tells A Personal Story In The Language Of Video Games

Video games have a language all their own.

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It'll be released on December 14, and creator Kan Gao has put out a trailer of sorts - it's a bit of a troll - to mark the occasion.

There's also a nice poster to set the scene:

You can find out more on the official Steam listing.


    To The Moon is a point-and-click adventure

    Is it though?


        eh, It's a role playing game to me.
        Point and click game's are synonymous with SCUMM so it's hard to classify it as a Point and click, personally.

        Last edited 23/11/17 2:39 pm

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