Guy Celebrates Super Mario Odyssey With 148,777 Falling Dominoes 

It took him two months to set them all up with different configurations including everyone from Bowser to Pauline because Nintendo has a way of making people do weird things.

This isn't TheDominoKing's first rodeo by any means. He was at it last year as well putting together small scenes from Super Mario World with just over 80,000 used in all.

For Super Mario Odyssey though he upped his ambitions. The project was originally supposed to be complete in time for the game's release, but the YouTuber decided to take some extra time and add a few more dominoes.

Each setup was recorded individually and then linked together with editing. So no, the nearly five minute video is not of one continuous domino mural, but it's still pretty damn impressive. The music playing in the background, meanwhile, is the game's theme song.

You can see TheDominoKing's other creations here.


    I always think when I see these types of vids "Man that dude just spent so much of his life making that thing...and i sit there and watch it for 2 mins, and say "huh, cool"...and move on".

    It almost seems cruel

      That's basically art period. If you're lucky the "huh, cool"'s add up. :)

    Cool gimmick, all I can think about though is how long it'd take to sort all those colors out when cleaning up...
    Also, is this house soundproofed for the noise of the dominoes or the swearing I can imagine going on in frustration of doing this as a thing?
    Either way, good on him.

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