H1Z1 Dev Leaves Cheats On While Streaming In Apparent Accident

H1Z1 Dev Leaves Cheats On While Streaming In Apparent Accident

Streaming a game you’re working can be an awesome form of community outreach. Unfortunately, on a recent personal stream, one H1Z1 developer leapt into the game with some of their special powers still on.

Joshua Kriegshauser is H1Z1‘s technical director and often streams the battle royale game on Twitch. During a match with friends, Kriegshauser was shocked to find that he seemed to have forgotten to turn off his developer-only invisibility until he blasted another group of players.

Spotting a group of enemy players in the distance, Kriegshauser chased them down in a stolen police vehicle, coldly shooting them with his pump action shotgun before freezing in his tracks as their voices came over the in-game comms.

“What is happening?” one of Kriegshauser’s teammates, who later says they didn’t see him as invisible, asks.

“A dev is fucking cheating,” a fallen player says.

Kriegshauser immediately stops shooting, although he’s already claimed one player’s digital life. “You can’t see me?” he asks before opening his console command line and typing in the command to remove his invisibility.

The reaction is a mixture of outrage and bemusement; some players grumble about cheating while others laugh at the strange situation. One patiently waits behind Kriegshauser’s abandoned police car and peeks out, shooting him and avenging his fallen comrades.

“You deserve that kill,” Kriegshauser says before leaving the match.

He went on to play more, making sure to stop and wave to players in the starting area to confirm that he wasn’t skulking around like a stealth-camouflaged gamedev Predator.


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