Help Us With Something (And Win $200 In The Process)

Hello, yes. This is a survey. We are doing a survey. It's not too long we promise! It's a little one about shopping and your shopping habits.

In return you go into a draw to win a $200 pre-paid Visa card, which you can then use to shop. The cycle is complete.

Come on, it'll be fun. Come aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

Here is a link to the survey. It's the fourth link to the survey. Good luck.

Thank you. You are all very good people.


    I completed the survey, then went to read the terms and conditions of the prize draw and then was unable to actually enter my email in for the draw, as it said the survey was already completed...

    By entering the promotion, unless otherwise advised, each entrant also agrees that the Promoter may use this information, in any media for future promotional, marketing and publicity purposes without any further reference, payment or other compensation to the entrant, including sending the entrant electronic messages.

    No thabks.

      This site is now resorting to being a shitty marketing firm, doing surveys to collect user data?

      The existing partner content is bad enough.

      I know you guys need to make money, but come on!

      Just lie? Put in fake details. The only thing they need is you email address. Filter them into the bin with the + trick.

    I’m very confused as to why a gaming website wants to know what I buy at the supermarket, but ok.

      At a guess they want a better picture of the make up of their readership to make it easier to sell adspace to customers (supermarkets in this instance).

      They can tell Coles/Woolies (or the agency at least) that their ads will get x number of male/female eye balls that are aged y to z and spend this many minutes per day on our page(s).

      That's my guess... or Allure wants to start selling stuff to us... which is... weird.

        Or, a marketing company is tapping into the website's "customer base" for easy access to people.

    What is your gender?

    of all the insensitive ways to ask for gender, "Neutral" may be the dumbest

      Strange, I thought non-binary was the go to third option, neutral really doesn't fit.

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