Here Are The Platforms You Can And Cannot Play Skyrim On

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim came out in 2011. It has been officially released on a bunch of platforms, which is probably where you've played it at least once over the last six years.

Here are the platforms you can play Skyrim on:

  • PC

  • Xbox 360

  • Xbox One

  • PlayStation 3

  • PlayStation 4

  • Nintendo Switch

And here are the platforms you cannot play Skyrim on:

  • Nintendo DS

  • Nintendo 3DS

  • Nintendo Wii U

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Windows Phone

  • PlayStation Portable
  • PlayStation Vita

  • Graphic Calculator

  • Automatic Teller Machine

Correction: these are the platforms you cannot play Skyrim on yet.

I'm pointing this out because as the game has only just hit the Switch, I've seen a lot of people joking that it's available on pretty much everything (this story, for example, hit the front page of Reddit the other day).

But really, six platforms over six years, for a game that's one of the all-time greats, seems...fine?


    The ps3 version was hardly playable

      Nah, totally not true. Yeah its buggy, yeah it crashes. But save often, and in different save slots and you'll be fine. Use a game guide if you are going for the Plat trophy. And yes, the graphics are dodgy, its slow to load etc etc.... I know.

      But.... if you were stuck on a desert island (say east of Australia) and had somehow setup a PS3 rig from leftover pieces of an Americans Cup wreak you found, then there's probably no better way to spend the hours waiting for rescue :)

    I wish people said "Windows" instead of "PC", but I'm in the minority there. It does also work on Mac/Linux, you just can't buy it.

    And then you have the first Lego Marvel's Superheroes (according to WIKI):

    Microsoft Windows
    Nintendo 3DS
    Nintendo DS
    OS X
    PlayStation 3
    PlayStation 4
    PlayStation Vita
    Wii U
    Xbox 360
    Xbox One

    You can't play it on Linux or Mac either, right? Not natively, anyway.

    I'm pointing this out because as the game has only just hit the Switch, I've seen a lot of people joking that it's available on pretty much everything 

    It seems redit and yourself missed the joke. As the switch is considered under powered if you can play it on it you can play it on anything. Jokes are never fun when you have to explain them.

    Is it an unpopular opinion to say that Skyrim isn't nearly as good as a game being released every year for 6 years should be? It's not even the best Elder Scrolls game.

    And yet year in year out Bethesda milk that withered teat dry. Forget Skyrim, where's TESVI?

      Why bother making TESVI when they can release Skyrim on a new platform each year and still charge full price as if its a new game.

    Ah, the ol Automatic Teller Machine Machine.

    Skyrim is doing okay but its a rank amateur compared to Resident Evil 4!!

    ATM's usually use some form of Windows so probably playable on them too.

      A lot of them still run OS/2. I've had personal experience with a reasonably new NAB one crashing halfway through a transaction. Waiting for my money and *boop* OS/2 boot splash.

      Last edited 21/11/17 9:28 am

    Technically you could use the Vita to remote-play the PS4 version, that count?

      Yep, or even the PC version (if you meet some certain requirements. )

      Same for the Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and I think there are even options for the 3DS. (All sourced off the PC version, that is.)

      But really, it’s a modern version of the “but can it run Doom?" joke. It’s just that the staggered release dates and multiple released versions have kept it in the gamer consciousness for a lot longer than most games.

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