Here Are The Xbox One X’s Japanese Sellout Sales Figures

Here Are The Xbox One X’s Japanese Sellout Sales Figures

[Image: Kaztsu]

Last week, the Xbox One X sold out at stores in Japan. Since retailers were only filling pre-orders and there weren’t lines, it was hard to tell how the console did. Famitsu‘s sale figures shed light on the situation.

Below are “sell out” launch day photos Twitter user Kaztsu took in Tokyo’s Akihabara.

Via Famitsu, here are hardware sales numbers for the week of November 6 to November 12.

Nintendo Switch – 84,593 units

PlayStation 4 – 23,613 units

New Nintendo 2DS XL – 10,935 units

New Nintendo 3DS – 6,576 units

PlayStation 4 Pro – 6,028 units

PlayStation Vita – 3,023 units

Xbox One X – 1,639 units

Nintendo 2DS – 1,176 units

Xbox One S – 49 units

PlayStation 3 – 38 units

Wii U – 32 units

That’s not too bad! But damn, the Nintendo Switch keeps flying off store shelves in Japan. The Wii U? Notsomuch.


  • You’re right, it’s not too bad. It’s friggin pathetic.

    A little over 1500 units sold. The Vita sold twice as many units as the Xbone X did.

    What a joke. For one reason or another, Microsoft just can’t establish a foothold in Japan with the Xbox brand. It’s just not gonna happen despite all of the resources they are pouring into it.

    • I have a few friends who are graphic artists in the media and video gaming industry in Japan. They say most of Japanese simply dislike the Xbox brand because it oozes that “Muscle America” (arrogance) vibe, and Microsoft’s business practices aren’t supportive of Japanese developers at all.

      • Microsoft actually signed up many big Japanese developers to make games on the Xbox platform, not the least of which was Square Enix, and they have been more than accommodating to Japanese developers in general, because they want more of them working on the platform. But they still couldn’t move units. Microsoft also sells other products reasonably well in Japan, it’s really just the Xbox brand they struggle with.

        I can kind of agree with that “Muscle America” comment though – the original Xbox when it was first released was very much seen as a brute force entry into the console market, not just by the Japanese but Westerners as well. While Westerners latched onto that idea, especially with the release of Halo, it turned the Japanese right off the platform. They weren’t interested in Halo and they didn’t like how Microsoft just stuck the most powerful components they could into a box and shoved it into the market.

        Honestly, at this point I think Microsoft would be better served to just cut their losses and stop worrying about the Japanese market but they won’t do that. They have deep enough pockets to take substantial losses in their gaming division while being propped up by their other divisions, and they’ll continue sinking money into the black hole.

          • +1

            The Japanese market is, and has always been, unique. Not to mention the other big players in this space are home-grown heroes … I mean, goddamn, look at those Vita numbers.

            I think MS’s efforts in buying up a few properties is a good move moreso for the Western market who likes the Japanese niche, but at some point it needs to realise that games about wanting to have sex with birds or watch a disproportionate number of crotch-shots of school girl NPCs are exclusively the domain of PlayStation.


        • I honestly think they should take the S, go to Sega and rebrand it in Japan exclusively as a Dreamcast 2 and see if that helps sales

  • Is this even news any more. It’s like how many steaks were sold in India. Majority of people interested would be fanboy rats looking for cheese crumbs. Can we get some real good news feed happening on the console, might increase readers here.

  • Imagine your brand new console being outsold 2:1 by a 6 year old handheld universally considered a failure.

  • If branding is the issue, stop selling X-boxes to Japan. Does nobody remember the 2 awesome Sega consoles, the Megadrive & the Genesis

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