Here’s 30 Minutes Of Skeleton Kidnapping In Hand Of Fate 2

Here’s 30 Minutes Of Skeleton Kidnapping In Hand Of Fate 2

Next week the sequel to the very good Hand of Fate comes out. I’ve been spending some time with the sequel, and you can check out 30 minutes of that here.

I’ll have some fuller thoughts on the Brisbane-made deck builder/roguelike/third-person action game/cursing simulator next week. Until then, however, I can show off one of the encounters, which includes a bloke looking for his wife while getting kidnapped by skeletons a lot.

The video gives you a good idea of the new class system, some of the new encounters and the change of flow from the first Hand of Fate to the sequel. All in all, it’s good fun, although I wish Oswin would take personal defence a little more seriously.

Hand of Fate 2 launches November 7 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


  • !!!!!!!!!!
    i had no idea this was coming out so soon! holy shit.
    i love the first one, great game, nothing else really like it that i have found.
    my day is getting better by the minute.
    man, Oswin is pissing me off already and i havnt even had to save his ass 100 times yet.

  • First game was so good. I loved the way seeing the words on a screen when I flipped a card ignited my imagination far more than a cutscene or something else would.

    In my opinion, it was the only game carrying forward the spirit of the first Fable game. That sense of mystery and possibility and grim storytelling.

    Don’t even want to ruin the game by watching this video, just wanted to comment and show my appreciation for it.

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