Here's A 1920's Inspired Dieselpunk Co-op Shooter

With one of the neatest trailers you'll see this month, here's a wonderful jazzy number for a top-down shooter called Tower 57.

Available today on GOG and Steam, Tower 57 is basically a shooter where you and a friend can play as members of "an extraordinary task force".

Put simply, it's a cool-looking local/online co-op shooter. But the trailer itself has a very sweet dieselpunk pixel art look and a banging track, which fits just nicely alongside a Friday morning.

If you're a little turned off by AAA blockbuster offerings, this might be a fun option for the weekend. Also, more games should use jazz.


    Getting a real 'Chaos Engine' vibe, which I remember absolutely loving on the Amiga. Definitely keen to check this out.

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