Here's A Good Look At The New TMNT Arcade Game

Last month, it was announced that there was going to be a new TMNT arcade game, featuring the same kind of four-player co-op that made Konami's 1989 version an all-time classic. There wasn't any footage to go along with that announcement, sadly, but there is now.

Arcade Heroes managed to capture a ton of footage of the game in action, such as this entire level with a single player:

And this section with three players:

They also got to spend some hands-on time with the game, so you should check out their impressions here.


    Not feeling it. The animations smooth but the turtles lack character entirely.

    In my opinion, it would've been great to see a 2D animated turtle game. One with incredibly well rendered sprites. Get some of the best artists in the industry to render the frames, via hand painted animation, go that way. Then go hire some talented voice actors (I hear Corey Feldmans needing work ;) ) As it is, that game just looks 'meh'.

      yeh something doesn't feel right. I'm also not a fan of how when the foot soldiers die, they do this blue glowing pillar animation that clashes with my senses. But that's probably just me.

        I noticed that as well, I think what makes it seem so strange is that it starts out as a wide pillar. I imagine if it started as a small point of light that expanded outward then upward it would be a little better.

    True, although I imagine coming up with new Turtle designs and casting new voices would be much more expensive than just using the current, known Nickelodeon version.

    What's kinda odd to me is that they're basing an arcade game on a now finished TV show, and there's a new version (2D animated) coming next year, with new voices. Just seems like odd timing...

    Can’t speak to the gameplay but I’m impressed by how well the UX is thought through, from the dimensionality of the menus to the clear indicators of who’s playing which character so you don’t get lost in the brawl.

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